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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays osbornlefty 2 52
Tigers jdrake27 4 203
Twins NickKappel 9 61
White Sox jnewfry 2 106
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Indians drichter 3 233
Orioles alockwood86 0 15
Red Sox jthornton75 2 100
Yankees gk1968 0 30
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros bignr37 0 118
Rangers DGCB28 2 20
Rays 1BlueJaysWay 3 32
Royals tk21775 7 317
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels fsubwj 1 223
Athletics Frozenherd 1 102
Beavers mr_stickball 3 122
Mariners dakar 14 152
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers mitt0108 14 130
Cubs littlejim 3 144
Expos nbaker10 0 28
Reds toddemayer 3 80
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mets kevin17 1 114
Nationals hopkinsheel 13 145
Phillies dillontt 5 148
Pirates nash0331 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves krkimble 0 24
Cardinals trento96 0 24
Knights dherz_263 8 105
Marlins helop 0 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks akgsports 7 85
Dodgers rod33 1 140
Giants NoVisor 0 0
Padres bripat42 2 63
World Chat
Added the max to the trade block. Anybody making more than the ML minimum is available. Significantly under-performing team and expensive vets don't go together too well.
Ernie Rakers (SS) Chico Diaz (P) Miguel Butera (P) Vin Petrov (P) are available. Looking for players of equal value. Preferably prospects.
Commish is advocating to keep Bob Lewis in his division.
As the hot stove heats up, I want to inform all owners that as NoVisor is new to HBD, any trade with him will come under scrutiny. I have no doubt that in the long run he will be a great owner for Ki...
but for now, he is not familiar with relative trade values, worth of particular ratings points, etc. I am never inclined to encourage a veto, but if I see Bob Lewis traded for a bag of balls, I will...
Looking to move Asdrubal Pizzaro (B), Thumper Graffanino (B) and/or Oleg de la Cruz (C) fairly quickly. Looking for a prospect or a good RP or SP if anybody is in the market for dealing one of thos...
Tripp Garcia (P) and Jecksson Vogelsong (P) available if you need bullpen support
Albert Tavarez (P)
Friendly reminder that everyone on my team is available. Several good players up for grabs, including: Pokey Kennedy (CF), Bucky Dorsey (LF), Sean Williams (B), Buck Crane (LF), Keith Hatfield (B),
Horacio Cruz (B), Jody Nance (C), Albert Speaker (RF), Freddie Nicol (DH), Fernando Mendoza (P), Doc Stoops (P), Bob Rollins (P), Albert Tavarez

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