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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cream Cheese pbsilver11 4 271
Destroyers dwhit34 2 306
Masters clavelleba 0 124
Whalers soxyanks12 0 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crows jmuhtoff 0 182
Drakes agent_wart 2 95
Rangers patrickkm 4 184
Whales kingdean 2 272
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beauregards bwb53 7 326
Brew-haus mark102857 0 272
RailKings yuck0920 0 6
sluggers djbradford 36 168
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bodies Dufferman 1 352
Comets kujhawker 0 308
Lazerbeams nosirrommij2 3 192
Sliders gallaa01 1 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers pat007ohmss 4 309
Reclaimers havoc666 0 42
Reds joshcarolina 2 64
Toyotas Sandberg10 1 128
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Eclipse Bcr731 1 61
Moose blinddog 4 113
Santurce Crabbers rbedwell 52 434
Thunder jlm612 4 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colt 45s HAWKFORHALL 0 213
Flying Squirrels mmeier 2 124
Stonewallers nordawg 1 204
Voodoo Sox sjstapleton 0 200
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers 1BlueJaysWay 5 70
Huckleberrys booyaed99 5 77
Sand Storm thebigdogs 14 114
Straws hoopcoach07 2 143
World Chat
Agree with the rule change.
I am very much in favor of you adding that rule, rbedwell.
It has come to my attention that there are a few egregious examples of players playing out of position to the extent that it is helping their teams lose.
This isn't mentioned in the private world rules that I inherited (but did not write), so technically, it's legal, but it shouldn't be. I'd like to add a rule to that effect if no one...
First of many /'s for this young man im thinking... Akeel Peterson (B)
Looking for pitching!
teams are very evenly matched, dreading seeing you guys in the playoffs
That was a hard-fought four-game series split, Ed. Three one-run games and the other decided by two. Could be an epic playoff matchup.
Just a reminder to everyone: please make every effort to keep your minor league pitching from zeroing out. That's one of our private world rules.

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