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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Bears havonjr7 0 32
Destroyers yumen442 0 0
Knights LCDudes 1 40
Skyhawks yates33 0 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bangors mike1184 19 251
Electric Factory toreybarr 0 0
Payoff rposborne 0 38
Pirates tourney heat 0 34
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Discovery joflo 2 17
Outlaws maharacer 9 72
Suburbs mdukes13 11 72
Zephyrs thinwiteduke 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bugeaters nickg100 0 0
Comets tomcecil 14 186
Destroyer donaldjl 1 17
Tiger Sharks pat007ohmss 4 207
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fire 7of9 1 71
Intimidators dsilent1 0 22
Lemons guggendr 0 22
Phanatics tndsweet 1 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dons Phillydon 0 18
Elite Giants breezee 0 119
Free Masons daahdeedaa 0 1
Highlanders drichter 3 202
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Eagles dayte327 1 177
Five yungs 0 9
Jack Cheeseheads braddee18 0 11
Tequila Boys Stefansibi 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Armageddon bxtxcx 3 101
Fourteeners jw183003ou 0 20
Oscars displacednyr 1 62
Peacocks gville_10 0 2
World Chat
Andres Strop (B) is available looking for a prospect in return
Esmil Guerrero (P). Not asking much, and not willing to help on contract.
Willis Sims (P) is available , coming off a great year .looking for a prospect
Looking to trade a reliever. Walt Granderson (P), Flash Myette (P) and Bobby McLemore (P) are available for trade.
Got two or three prospects I'm willing to move for a #1 starter.
Ezdra Cedeno (P) is available Looking for prospects in return
Really curious who wins the Castro bidding war
Yep, I get frustrated every season during coach
Coaches salaries should drop like they do for free agents. Lack of demand should result in a drop in asking price or level they are seeking.
That should read pride not prosperity... I'm really not stoopid... I promise.

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