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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Destroyers yumen442 1 15
Indians Tukeduke07 0 13
Skyhawks yates33 0 56
Wendigos tjzuppe 3 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bangors mike1184 22 286
Beer Barons justindoom 0 21
Payoff rposborne 0 52
Pirates tourney heat 0 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Discovery joflo 2 24
Outlaws maharacer 12 115
Plebeians danknuggz 4 119
Suburbs mdukes13 12 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asahi crazyballa 0 12
Bugeaters ozzzball19 1 93
Mirage mistro 0 36
Punks djhzehayes 0 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Intimidators dsilent1 0 36
Lemons guggendr 0 30
Paper Barons ackerman207 0 0
Sharks PFru 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Capitals patrickkm 4 137
Free Masons daahdeedaa 10 70
Highlanders drichter 3 231
Metros Midmets 0 121
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecas Cruzing 0 1
Eagles dayte327 1 220
Five yungs 1 16
Jack Cheeseheads braddee18 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fourteeners jw183003ou 0 27
Oscars displacednyr 1 74
Road Runners mpate10 0 88
Tandys Kscott2424 0 7
World Chat
Anyone got a decent defensive catcher they might want to get rid of? Have one roster spot free and could use a backup. If not I’ll promote one.
Looking for prospects, following are available: Wilkin Rivera (P) Gary Clark (P) Rich Phillips (P) Matty Castilla (P) Herm Sherman (P) Matt Miadich (P)
Tom McCartney (B) , Michael Wise (C) , Alex Wanatabe (P) any interest in these ? Minor leaguers in return or can send or for major league guy?
Richie Conforto (DH) is on waivers if anyone needs a cheapish, solid depth bat. Also, our league trade block looking pretty thin. How will I know who to send my prospects to?
Sees Austin’s payroll. Jaw drops.
Voted, the big three plus Navarre (five 20/60 seasons, a couple more very close, 1656 runs) and Mendoza (eleven straight 40 HR seasons, 1733 RBI). Would've liked to throw in with one of my guys, b...
tourney heat
B.C. Lopez (P)
Apollo Hitchcock (P) , Alex Wanatabe (P) , B.
C. Lopez (P) , Alexi Ortiz (RF) , Tom McCartney (B) and possibly one of these catchers to move Michael Wise (C) , Stu Adkinson (C) . Looking to free up roster space so or of these for type dea...

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