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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Celestial Bcr731 0 5
Grand Salamis nordawg 1 179
Old Styles loudawg10 10 94
Toppers vino5 4 113
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browncoats Josh_Exley 0 20
Cheechakos madmuldoon 5 265
Monks shiish 5 194
stars coach78 0 71
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crushing Creoles hwaters397 22 227
Dixie Chicken jmuhtoff 0 156
Jacks buffalo_rob 4 162
Rebels westolla 0 103
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball nrowlands 1 12
Express krushers 1 165
Ramblers msarg 1 118
Weeping Angels stonewalter 1 595
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Knights Sonofodin52 2 388
MooMoos gogogadget 6 47
Panthers willemijn 2 90
Thunder dwhit34 2 234
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees Arte 1 217
Corkers coltjj 1 86
Hawks awind 2 151
Wranglers gdmetz 11 81
Franchise Owner Titles Season
City Limits ham00020 3 98
Corn Kings johncfremont 0 123
Fantasmas gregor199 5 451
Kings cellura 0 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers rbedwell 38 348
Omokase cruzich 0 23
Oogle Birds mark3313 29 149
Sozzled Saints svick39 0 183
World Chat
Good series. We barely made it out
Weak bullpen lost series for us. Know where we need to improve next year. Great come back Trenton. Gl
Gl today dwhit. But hope I win. ??
thanks. def a tough series for you, but nice season
Congrats, GD... GL going forward
Darn! Almost had it
Anything can happen with any player in one baseball game, whether it's real life or HBD. A short series is a crapshoot. I could fill pages and pages with examples of anamalous playoff and WS perfo...
My ace had over 4 era. 1st playoff game went distance, 2 hit shut out. It's all a crap shoot but its fun.
I mean, even clayton Kershaw has had his rough playoff outings. Any player can have an off night in baseball.
he's a 4+ career ERA mid rotation starter. my lineup is subpar but due to health, additions, and other factors it's better now than it's been. regardless, any pitcher, even aces, can give...

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