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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Katz tsteve28 0 72
Grand Salamis nordawg 1 176
Old Styles loudawg10 5 73
Reds kcoach 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheechakos madmuldoon 5 259
Monks shiish 4 173
Reales paul16120 3 172
stars coach78 0 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crushing Creoles hwaters397 22 221
Hurricanes Marauders299 1 19
Jacks buffalo_rob 4 144
Meat Throwers coach34 5 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Budtenders cruzich 0 14
Express krushers 1 159
Mai Tais mdukes13 12 131
Ramblers msarg 1 115
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hippos gogogadget 4 36
Knights Sonofodin52 2 369
Panthers willemijn 2 83
Thunder dwhit34 2 213
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees Arte 1 202
Corkers coltjj 1 79
Hawks awind 2 141
Masters pipers2013 0 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Armadillo johncfremont 0 116
Beefmasters aaronwayne 0 232
City Limits ham00020 2 74
Kings cellura 0 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers rbedwell 38 323
Dodgers dodgersgale 0 101
Oogle Birds mark3313 29 137
Sassy Sluggers svick39 0 156
World Chat
Congrats to Hyun-Jin Zhang (P) for breaking the single season save record. Way to go Old Man!
Well, we're trying to blow the Division, just as well, better for the Division to have a hot team represent.
Montgomery is set to win their 1st division title since Season 10. That's a pretty long drought
Hey, my team ERA is under 7! Things are looking up!
Walter Moran (P) like the energizer bunny.... he has had a great career hopefully get one more out of him....gonna be tough probably take a big ratings hit next season
Oops, my apologies. That was meant for a team note, not for chat. I put it in the wrong place. (red-faced)
Wanted to say thanks for the patience and in some cases the assistance with trades to help the inherited minor league mess go without too many more injuries or fatigue issues. It is appreciated.
This is what happens after one trades their closer away. Blow a run lead in bottom of th. Scottsdale Ramblers vs. Montgomery Meat Throwers
I hope Hensley Bolton (RF) doesn't get shafted for MVP. # in Runs Created in NL and not in top - even plays an ok defense at B

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