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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Molson Two-Fours aumackenzie 10 121
Rib Kings zeustis01 19 185
Roughriders carpediem33 10 192
Titans tommymax 8 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Herbivores bobbyj7 4 170
Irons darrenpv 4 108
Krusty Krabs littlejim 3 154
Royals mattyjim 1 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls smotto 0 54
Flying Squirrels flbarons 0 172
Prairie Dogs dierickx3 1 30
Tides jcobri 0 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Loan Sharks brickster44 0 66
SeaDogs bgood 0 12
Sun Dogs ojinga 2 75
Tech Bros patterba 9 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Geysers vikesxv 1 145
Renaissance cshake93 1 76
SaberKats Sazerwolf 0 14
Wolverines scootermcray 31 337
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Block Heads II Verd 1 114
Crackers wxscott 0 49
Thunder ham00020 3 94
Wendigoes rquin9 7 292
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Benjamins stymietime23 15 121
Bluff Dwellers CheezyWriter 2 32
Cyber Isles NYIFan12 0 2
Fire rschaitkin 0 70
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees bxtxcx 6 134
Chin Music CamdenGhost 0 61
Highlanders jnewton 0 64
Surf sonofthebear 0 143
World Chat
Hey all, Seth Garciaparra (LF) , Bernard Taylor (P) , and Jin-Che Kwon (P) are all available for teams looking for a boost toward ta playoff push.
Jack Robertson (P) any interest?
Hernandez looks like good value as a hitter. He will have to play 1B or DH, his glove is not good.
I wondered what happened there. That was crazy fast. I did a similar high-bid on a player earlier in the season but waited two weeks before I finally got heem.
Doesn't look you're missing anything to me, just got lucky with a quick sign on a very good player.
Am I missing something? Nefi Hernandez (LF) posted just a couple of days ago, but signed right away on my first offer. Maybe I overpaid
anyone need a back of the rotation guy long reliever he's making minimum and can be had for not much Jack Robertson (P)
Out on Vladimir Gabriel (SS) . Looks to be a good player, and an expensive bonus
Everybody 30+ is available. TC or send offers.
In one of the other worlds that I'm in, I started a previous season like 0-12 before winning a single game.

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