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2 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Argonauts Ajax65 0 2
Lost Fishermen blapo21 2 45
Rib Kings zeustis01 14 157
Silastic Armorfiends lloyd413 1 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Herbivores bobbyj7 4 150
Krusty Krabs littlejim 3 137
Royals mattyjim 0 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls smotto 0 44
Flying Squirrels flbarons 0 124
Plebs bones44 5 88
Tides jcobri 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Heatwave mobpdg20 5 51
SeaDogs bgood 0 9
Sun Dogs ojinga 1 52
Tech Bros patterba 7 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Renaissance cshake93 1 56
SaberKats Sazerwolf 0 9
Tadpoles whompus 1 22
Wolverines scootermcray 31 322
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Crackers wxscott 0 45
Thunder ham00020 2 65
Wendigoes rquin9 5 255
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Benjamins stymietime23 13 110
Bluff Dwellers CheezyWriter 0 21
Fire rschaitkin 0 53
VOX blrinco 0 33
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees dmurphy104 1 101
Chin Music CamdenGhost 0 48
Highlanders jnewton 0 48
Surf bjschumacher 0 112
World Chat
Morgan is looking for 5 owners for season 51. Contact me for password
Welcome back to HBD, dmurphy! We’re happy to have you!
lol, no worries rschaitkin. i'll try to find a coffee shop and check in at least once a day!
welcome to a great league dmurphy!
Thanks for the invite. Haven’t played for years. So figured I’d take a bit of a reclamation project.
Sorry for the delay everyone (except for jcobri haha) but the forum post is finally up! https://www.
rschaitkin Please help me bump it when you get the chance, and I'll be personally reaching out to some solid HBD players to try to fill us with some committe...
I know we're looking to fill this world quickly, but I'm about to go on vacation tomorrow to a place with very little internet and won't be back until 8/19, so I won't be sad if we tak...
Site Staff
The world rollover has been successfully completed.

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