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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Alleghenies tsmith43210 1 54
Handbaskets haasdr 0 37
Huskies karwai 0 49
Queens CSThorne 0 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
ATLiens alleyviper 16 99
Bombers havoc666 0 22
Dirt Bags kkolesar 0 31
Royally Screwed CCAsleson 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Distillers kmcelroy85 5 70
Suwannee KatrinaM 0 14
Yoots MikeLiv 0 18
Zorreros glmarcum 2 82
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Golden Bears gage1024 0 12
Salmon captmurphy 1 55
San Diego Surfers harrypickle 1 17
Surf Riders V POKEYSAN 22 416
Franchise Owner Titles Season
747’s ajb_101 0 103
Barons flbarons 0 160
Bench Warmers MelanieS 0 13
Northern Lights cavone 0 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Independence bigronnie 1 204
Mud Hens mrbinsd 1 21
Redlegs lukeb31 9 97
Savages jlm612 1 36
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avengers gtnotes 3 156
El Toritos steelforge 11 177
Marlins mcbellows 1 121
Railroad mbrake 4 201
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hawkeyes rochayes 3 74
Indians btone11 1 70
Oilers johnjmcgraw 0 5
Swiss Cheese bmsetterstro 0 70
World Chat
I'm in the market for a high PC back-up catcher or the sort that's been hanging around your minors for a while but might get cut because of covid.
Just a reminder I'm willing to listen to offers for anyone on my ML roster, including Antonio Clifton (B) , Heath Maya (CF) and Khayyan Fox (P) . All are among the best in this world at thei...
I mean, I wouldn't complain...
Don't forget to protect those Rule 5 guys.
Available Carlos Valdes (C). Outstanding defender and respectable bat vs LHP. Nice platoon player.
Any interest? Bernard Nation (C) going once, going twice...
I've gotten some nibbles on Gareth Hamilton (P) who remains available if anybody needs a SP but is missing out in FA.
I agree kmcelroy, one thing great about this league is the competitiveness of the teams.
There are only 3 franchises rated over a 72 and 0 over 74. I think this is a strong reason teams are retained and it fills quickly. A lot of this is because veterans will not allow unfair trades with...
I see us having a nice race this year, glmarcum. Your team was already good and is improving. I'm trying to do a "build the plane while I fly it" thing where I start to get younger whi...

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