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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues pbsilver11 1 183
Fire Hawks Montanaboy 16 112
Lightning nadawg77 1 61
Metronomes jbburner 0 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire alexng6888 4 30
Expos ekoontz41 12 82
Massacre alogman1 11 518
Tides baseballmath 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flaxon-Waxon merritr 1 56
Knights tdfactory 1 333
Space Cowboys rawdk27 9 98
Travelers jibe 7 95
Franchise Owner Titles Season
From My Loins topoftheworl 17 141
Hammer'd Leprechauns wvwc9092 2 61
Isotopes bryanwkeith 0 19
Warriors yanks21 31 275
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Freedom willcatfan 2 58
Indians slashtc 2 69
Keepers of Weird mathias04 0 41
Twins dh0220 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons bjc30 3 218
Diamond Dogs wylie715 1 270
Sharks dodgersrays 1 70
Yard Goats aumackenzie 5 58
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mayhem jake72 3 33
Pinxos POKEYSAN 19 296
Rebelherd Frozenherd 0 43
Richmonders davewillie 0 145
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs mccarthyizm 2 27
Cowboys klown61455 3 73
Monarchs grissom97 2 147
Quakes drew_shull 0 9
World Chat
Ouch that hurt! B.C. Ortiz (P) out days. health rating and M on Training..geez. rd injury this season already, at least the other were under days.
In order to rebuild this franchise I find it necessary to make all players on my roster available for the right price. I am open to any position/pitcher at this time as I need to restock the cupboard.
It is either 20 or 21.
Refresh my memory.. How many games do I have to wait before promoting a prospect to save the year of arb? 20?
Top, I think you need some more DH's, you only have 26 on your team.
3 ml injuries in 2 days with 20 million spent in training. What a fun game.
Snaaaake, snaaaaake, ooooh, it's a snake
Stupid badgers.
It didn't run until 12:00 EST, about 45 min later than usual, I think. No biggie.

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