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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues pbsilver11 1 185
Fire Hawks Montanaboy 16 114
Lightning nadawg77 1 63
Metronomes jbburner 0 90
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire alexng6888 4 31
Expos ekoontz41 12 82
Massacre alogman1 11 525
Tides kingdean 0 152
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flaxon-Waxon merritr 1 59
Knights tdfactory 1 346
Space Cowboys rawdk27 9 98
Travelers jibe 7 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
From My Loins topoftheworl 17 143
Hammer'd Leprechauns wvwc9092 2 62
Isotopes bryanwkeith 0 19
Warriors yanks21 31 278
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Freedom willcatfan 2 59
Indians slashtc 2 71
Keepers of Weird mathias04 0 44
Twins dh0220 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons bjc30 3 218
Diamond Dogs wylie715 1 274
Sharks dodgersrays 1 73
Yard Goats aumackenzie 5 62
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mayhem jake72 5 38
Pinxos POKEYSAN 19 302
Rebelherd Frozenherd 0 46
Richmonders davewillie 0 152
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs mccarthyizm 2 28
Cowboys klown61455 3 77
Monarchs grissom97 2 151
Quakes drew_shull 0 9
World Chat
best of luck, jibe, get well soon
hope the surgery goes well, jibe
Take care of yourself jibe. Hope all goes well.
Holy cow! I hope you're all right, jibe. You're team has been kicking *** in your absence.
I missed the ALCS, my gallbladder erupted on me and now getting it removed soon. GL in the WS rawd.
Just a reminder to get your stars up for renewal! If you happen to not be returning (please come back!!!) please let me know so I can plan to fill the opening. As of now, I have Boise, Dover, Richmo...
Congrats to Houston and Montgomery on advancing to the World Series, good luck!
Great season jibe! That pitching staff will only get better. Great series in the NL.
Yes, customer support. I caught a guy using an alias in an NBA sim progressive (verified by WIS that the billing information was the same),
but since he was the commish, I am being booted for causing problems and there was no punishment to the cheater. Fun times. They have backed off their threat to ban me permanently, but quite frankl...

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