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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dragons cmchristians 0 78
Hazmats drichter 3 231
Metronomes jbburner 0 107
Trappers grissom97 2 207
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire alexng6888 5 45
Expos ekoontz41 12 89
Massacre alogman1 15 603
Poor Sox rileyf1 1 223
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Deplorables sermonauthor 26 199
Evil Clowns rxw1 6 81
Flaxon-Waxon merritr 2 109
Space Cowboys rawdk27 9 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
From My Loins topoftheworl 22 195
Hot Dogs alanharwell 0 25
Tappers coach34 5 131
west coast bombers dreed115 0 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gunslingers slashtc 2 104
Hammers mikewcu 0 29
Lake Monsters bjschumacher 0 115
Sycophants hatton98 1 193
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons bjc30 4 245
Commandos shive1 0 15
Corgis mike22182 0 17
Zombie$ mbrake 4 182
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buitres stonewalter 1 566
Maulers strang 0 139
Son's of Odin norsk44 0 166
Surf Riders VIII POKEYSAN 21 393
Franchise Owner Titles Season
'Apapanes tonicawf 4 159
Barons klown61455 7 111
Canucks daubs2334 0 2
Ducks tdfactory 2 474
World Chat
Definitely overpaid too! That last season I had him he crushed an impressive .216 batting average with 14 homers!!!
Wow, what a trade! Oswaldo Blanco (B) isn't even good.
Need a replacement owner for a rebuilding team in Glavine 300. We are 100 games into the season. Let me know if interested
I appreciate your view Pokeysan and your ability to articulate it so clearly. Clarity is always a good thing in a debate.
I would dispute your choice of the word "snipe" in characterizing my approach. That signifies an attack and I think I made it clear I was expressing my opinion about a general concept rathe...
SA — I rarely have any desire to wade in to these things, and have things get taken personally, but this is meant with respect and to be constructive,
for the sake of enjoying the game and to open up possibilities because this s the second time now where you have sniped at a trade where imho it would benefit you to think more broadly about players...
interchangeable assets. Cash has no value in this game except for the players you can sign with it; you cannot pocket it or carry it over to next year. So, conceptually there is no difference, betwe...
an A player for a B player plus cash and convert that cash into the second B player; is it really necessary for the trade partner to first sign the second B player and then trade the two to me? That...
beneficial deal. Similarly, if I have a player that I am paying $12m and I think I could get a replacement for him for $3 million, it is worth it to me to dump him on another team, even throw some ca...

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