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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues pbsilver11 1 197
Dragons cmchristians 0 67
Fire Hawks Montanaboy 16 117
Metronomes jbburner 0 94
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire alexng6888 4 34
Expos ekoontz41 12 84
Massacre alogman1 14 546
Sultans of Swat bluenoser44 1 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Flaxon-Waxon merritr 1 73
Knights tdfactory 2 384
Space Cowboys rawdk27 9 100
Travelers jibe 8 100
Franchise Owner Titles Season
From My Loins topoftheworl 18 156
Hammer'd Leprechauns wvwc9092 2 66
Hot Dogs alanharwell 0 14
Steamed Hams freddyquimby 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Keepers of Weird mathias04 1 53
Posse slashtc 2 80
Sycophants hatton98 1 172
Twins dh0220 0 65
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons bjc30 3 224
Sharks dodgersrays 1 85
Thunder furniss13 5 49
Train Wreck cellura 0 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Compulsive Gamblers mikeg740 5 193
Mayhem jake72 6 50
Rebelherd Frozenherd 1 57
Surf Riders VIII POKEYSAN 19 321
Franchise Owner Titles Season
'Apapanes tonicawf 2 142
Cowboys klown61455 3 87
Monarchs grissom97 2 166
Quakes drew_shull 0 11
World Chat
Thanks Dodgersrays...i was hoping to get two wins out of the series if everything went right. I fully expected a regression in the third game and had prepared myself for an 18-1 beatdown.
Ouch just got shutdown big time by LA pitching. Nice sweep drew. Not a good stretch lost 6 out 8..ugh
After being underwhelmed by by the talent in most drafts in most of all of the worlds I'm in lately, this one seems to have more depth of ML talent. Maybe not a ton of perennial All-Stars, but I&#...
I need a replacement in Harold Reynolds. TC if interested.
Perhaps I need to clarify: I am looking for future quality ML players. I am not interested in AAAA guys or rule V guys that you don't want.
Not sure why this team is so awful, but I am loaded with good players I can move for prospects. Anyone making more than the minimum could be had and I can help with salary if the prospects are good e...
In Dorssys Tatis (B)'s first seasons he hit a home run every . at bats. Since turning , it has been every at bats. At least we know when the PED use started!
Down to 2 openings as the magic hand of alogman brings in the new owners to get us rolling in Cobb
If anyone is looking for another team, I have 3 openings in Cobb - solid world,
with a good group of long-time owners, very similar to this one. Only private world rule is to treat others with respect. Available teams are posted in the Classifieds forum, trade chat me if inter...

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