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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays mbrake 2 122
Brewers willsauve 12 103
Cubs ajaxx88 2 68
Expos Arte 1 163
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Nationals TenaciousTYT 1 75
Orioles wylie715 1 271
Red Sox KPMcClave 6 87
Yankees tomcecil 14 172
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros ferg63 5 48
Cardinals slurie2001 3 97
Rangers mwhelan 1 56
Royals kujhawker 0 168
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels hoopcoach07 1 97
Athletics luvfootball 0 24
Dodgers arthur 1 226
Giants tbone66 1 122
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Reds herm023 0 0
Tigers jamier2003 4 74
Twins jceffali 6 105
White Sox bballer2117 0 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Indians donaldjl 1 13
Mets tapotter 2 33
Phillies captain10a 4 263
Pirates joshkvt 1 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves jgarron 7 67
Colonels aaronwayne 0 174
Marlins rsskfs23 0 132
Rays pat007ohmss 4 200
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks crushthebean 1 42
Mariners NodakJuggalo 0 1
Padres goldenbaer88 0 50
Rockies axtell 18 305
World Chat
looking to add some young talent and selling my big names if anyone wants to deal
I will have limited, if any, internet access for the next few days.
Most everyone available, looking for and needing prospects.
Ugh, two starters out of the lineup for a while. Gonna be tough to hang on in this division
I'll trade any one or combination of players for prospects
I don't know that any of it is ace quality, but I'd trade SP for the right offer
I'm interested in acquiring ace-quality pitching at the deadline and am willing to deal top prospects.
Tommy Stargell (B) Alex Molina (RF) Esteban Marquez (P) Aneury Ramirez (P) are available.
ATTENTION PLEASE: The Arizona Diamondbacks (86-76, 1 game out of the playoffs), are the final team available in the Robert E. McCabe League. NL West. Please TC me if interested. Thanks!
Cincinnati is still AWOL, almost a month now..

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