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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays mbrake 3 133
Brewers willsauve 14 108
Cubs ajaxx88 2 72
Expos Arte 1 171
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Nationals TenaciousTYT 2 78
Orioles wylie715 1 278
Red Sox Gigz34 0 11
Yankees livysdaddy 2 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros ferg63 5 51
Cardinals slurie2001 3 102
Rangers mwhelan 1 59
Royals kujhawker 0 178
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels hoopcoach07 2 103
Athletics luvfootball 0 26
Dodgers jslipford916 0 15
Giants tbone66 1 133
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Reds herm023 0 1
Tigers jamier2003 5 78
Twins jceffali 6 110
White Sox bballer2117 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Indians kingkai53 0 109
Mets tapotter 2 34
Phillies captain10a 4 272
Pirates joshkvt 1 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves jgarron 7 69
Colonels aaronwayne 0 184
Marlins rsskfs23 0 136
Rays pat007ohmss 4 213
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks merott 5 59
Mariners NodakJuggalo 0 2
Padres goldenbaer88 0 52
Rockies axtell 18 314
World Chat
Well that's it for the reigning champs. Knew my bullpen would be my Achilles, and as always slurie is my kryptonite. Good luck to everyone in then next round.
Congrats Chicago! I’ve felt like this was one of the best rosters I’ve ever had, but they didn’t play like it all year. Good luck next round
ATTENTION PLEASE: Now 16/32 owners renewed. Seems to me that we have more late renewals every year, and I hope you'll all (with an obvious exception), renew asap? It would mean a lot to me to not...
My squad had the fewest errors, the most + plays, and the fewest - plays in the NL and yet I was shut out of Gold Gloves. Perhaps I was good everywhere but great nowhere?
I would like to file a protest on the NL SS Gold Glove. You can certainly reduce your number of errors if you don’t get to many balls.
thats odd that it doesn't show my rookies stats on the ROY voting page... maybe because he didn't play LF but rather CF?
GL merott, looks to be a fun series.
that sucks, slurie
Cy Young candidate Odell Wade (P) goes down for the season...there goes the Cardinals chances of winning a playoff round.
I'm back, but tend to be one of those late reserving guys.

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