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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheesesteaks doja88 0 2
Commodores warrior0510 0 187
Mafia averagejoe15 8 55
Whitecaps sneekes 8 148
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Pounders bhizzy04 0 11
Submariners billhowell75 12 529
Wingnuts 363dp 1 47
Yankees sportsboy010 17 121
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cartel langer1979 0 50
Monarchs kcwizards 0 8
Rancor mlhutch 17 230
UB's darren21 2 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bighorns Hcal65 0 14
Coors Lights orangeboy19 1 123
Rebels kc37 0 14
Spongers eric1214 0 135
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mud Dogs TheDirtyDog 1 54
Purple Reign gaheel84 2 97
Soldiers synderman 0 4
Trouble bigalric 0 191
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Billygoats kennyd57 0 6
Meth Lovers coach34 5 104
Razzlers Dan60043 0 39
Try Hards flyairbourne 1 31
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Democrats travisg 8 163
Los Diablos Rojos jibe 7 98
Redbirds spraybottle 0 100
Voodoo ihateunc 2 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amigos dpierc5 0 66
Mahna Mahna jpatch 2 40
Quakes gregor199 2 329
Swag kevin2712 0 33
World Chat
I'm looking to acquire an Ace. I know they are hard to come by and I'm willing to move a top prospect
Wilfredo Rosales (P) retired with wins and , strikeouts. His ratings are still good enough to be useful this season!
Marty Bristow (C) DH / reserve catcher make an offer
Yes DDog, excellent work keeping this league an outstanding one and a pleasurable experience! (Even if ya have to crack the whip now and again) I have been the recipient of one of those TC's to ge...
Thanks. Much appreciated. Button pushed, probably budgeting Sunday. Be on the lookout for season 34 recap site mail.
Completely agree. Great work Dog.
yeah, great job Dog, excellent work like usual.
Also, big thanks to TheDirtyDog for filling the world so quickly. I really appreciate your effort. This is one of the best worlds out there.
I will be in the market for a corner OF bat.
Could move Al Mercado (P) for whoever is looking for a # SP'er. I'd prefer a big ML bat in return, LF/RF/B. at least + across the board Con/Pow/LH/RH/Eye. But, will also consider prospect p...

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