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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheesesteaks acatala 2 111
Commodores warrior0510 0 238
Mafia averagejoe15 8 72
Whitecaps sneekes 9 181
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Pounders bhizzy04 0 28
Submariners billhowell75 16 639
Wingnuts 363dp 1 65
Yankees sportsboy010 17 133
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cartel langer1979 1 56
Hot Coals flyairbourne 1 43
Rancor mlhutch 17 267
Webs cubsox214 4 34
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coors Lights orangeboy19 1 135
Pork Chops yggdrasil 0 161
Spongers eric1214 1 188
Stars stat10 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gnomes vietgnome 0 48
Mud Dogs TheDirtyDog 1 76
Soldiers wildes12 0 36
Trouble bigalric 1 240
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Billygoats kennyd57 1 16
Black Bears loudawg10 5 69
Mets westolla 0 81
Razzlers Dan60043 0 45
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Democrats travisg 8 178
Fury peoria 6 37
Redbirds spraybottle 0 134
Voodoo ihateunc 2 70
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amigos dpierc5 1 90
Lew Zealand jpatch 2 62
Skywalkers dschang 0 15
Swag kevin2712 0 40
World Chat
TC or propose trade if you have any interest in Arthur Bessire (P) Beck Williams (P) Chip Davis (P) Hi Catricala (P) Jerry Thurman (P) ?
We actually did, but WiS queues leagues by fewest openings, and there were always others with fewer -- so that wasn't much help! We've gone back to private, and I'm hoping we can save it....
Why are you guys not going public after that wait?
I'm putting out another urgent plea for assistance in Griffey world. We've been sitting unfilled for months, but our remaining owners have stuck it out and remain committed to saving it. If yo...
That was supposed to say "take"..
Will taker on your large albatross contract for a prospect.. TC if you have someone weighing down your roster..
Audry Batista (DH) Carl Justice (SS) Tony Martin (B) are all available.
Still looking to improve my starting ML pitching. Ready to take on a huge contract.
Ralph Everhart (P) is available for a prospect
Loving all the Hot Stove action this season!

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