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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays dcinto 3 196
Fake Cubbies jkbernadt 0 72
Grizzlies klown61455 9 124
Lake Sharks normal1 0 72
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Neptunes EJP 1 31
Orioles CamdenGhost 0 61
Outsiders TheOutsider3 0 3
River Skunks krindor 4 92
Franchise Owner Titles Season
316's reefer124 0 55
Jumbo Shrimp dmaxie61 0 89
Renegades wrecks 17 172
Spikes Knights37 1 8
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baby Yodas bbartel 12 92
Irish Breakfast aggie9 2 32
Outlaws JustSmyth 0 20
Steel Curtain dabomb163783 0 138
Franchise Owner Titles Season
bellevilleians larr1000 0 12
Grunge bige 0 15
That's What She Said NotoriousJ 1 94
Whiners tony23 1 344
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aviators Hakuna20 0 11
FrozenKoreans FrozenK 1 81
Red Sox keltic44 0 78
Santas gogogadget 5 43
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cardinals nubin 4 71
Drug Mules potman44 0 42
Frontenacs TheRedBarron 0 1
Maple Blocks bbqjason 14 183
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AltiDUDES ohiopirate 2 52
Panners GoldieGamma 0 12
Swinging Friars astros23 0 15
Waves Redst 0 0
World Chat
.463 OBP that is hilarious.
Probably a wicked arm or 2 in the sheep farming world.
Unless you are scouting for sheep farmers.
Lesson learned. Establishing your International Scouting headquarters in the Falkland Islands yields very few prospects.
The only equivalent to Sano I can think of is Mark McGwire’s 1991 season. He virtually couldn’t hit the ball. Personally I enjoyed it because I liked Canseco better but I imagine it was frustrating fo...
This game can be so frustrating. Kazuki Sano (B) current power at , hasn't homered in games.
I like the extra $ in Wichita’s signing of Ignacio Padilla (P), was that the tipping point? Which leads to my question, in real life, would other teams know what was being offered?
The messages just say, “you need to up it”, okay, how much? Whether it’s to keep it competitive or not, I find it annoying and I rarely bid high on these guys that end up being rated less than it sa...
Great signing! I never saw him. Ignacio Padilla (P)
Looking to trade Boomer Speaker (P) Bryson Nance (P) and Phillippe Walker (B) for prospects.

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