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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs dupala1 1 54
Licorice cmruready 0 9
Massapequa Mercenaries sfpvideo 0 16
Wood Chippers wrecks 10 151
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball Stars nesman 4 167
Battery Throwers tommy_cian 0 83
Bowls Trevorpeters 0 1
Conquistadors kmueller 0 38
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dudleys croninkin 0 24
Ecoas mrfortune3 1 112
Little Ricks picklerick89 0 1
Surf Riders IX POKEYSAN 20 374
Franchise Owner Titles Season
are for Saturdays Fregoe 3 125
Danke Schoen mbriese 1 87
Gentrified Genital Warts gin_caesar 7 35
Slores moy23 6 79
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons westolla 0 75
Blues rourke 1 84
Fat Governors r0b0t 4 119
Svengalis urdanick 2 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bowie Mafia dherz_263 8 100
Poonhandlers czechanak 0 12
Tropics garmansouth 0 41
Zombie Dramas tylermathias 1 124
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Convulsers nunner 0 19
Disease vandydave 3 207
Hustlers dbird85 2 40
Pig Parkers genghisxcon 11 129
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Couves stu1368 2 68
Fighting Manginas deandg 6 92
Haoles spacecoyote 2 43
Surf Dogs AceCards 4 189
World Chat
7Yankees7 has rolled to S48 -- we have three openings. Long running, no drama, max flexibility league. All here welcome. Password is: Dan Russell
Still looking for a corner outfielder, preferably lefty or switch-hitter.
SHoFer > HoF
If they let coaches or owners in the HOF, I think we could have gotten cbriese enough votes. Bret would have had someone vote for him based on counting stats from longevity.
sucks that no one got in he HoF
Proud of my pitching through the first 3 games, only 7 runs allowed. Not so much for my offense, who has only scored one run.
First time since Season 36 that nobody got into the HOF. That was unexpected.
I ******* hate this game
Tommy Lane (CF) Dorian Griffiths (P) Tony Lucas (P) available for prospects.
Rough start for Gavin Smith (P). Blake and Washington give up one run in innings over the first two games, he comes in both and takes the loss.

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