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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Licorice mr_stickball 3 144
City sfpvideo 1 66
Lumpies pitboss13 6 234
Strange peoria 12 123
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Conquistadors kmueller 1 69
Jawntrifiers djmusic 1 9
Killer-Beavers bluenoser44 3 113
Quetzalcoatl cbriese 15 189
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Charlatans jaylien1 2 120
Evil Morties picklerick89 1 13
Surf Riders IX POKEYSAN 26 519
Wranglers bigtex1 4 114
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Danke Schoen mbriese 1 108
GolfickersNFTtotheMoon Fregoe 3 140
Isotopes alogman1 15 675
Slores moy23 6 100
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Echo dvsman 0 20
Pieces of Shit r0b0t 5 131
stooges thuggis 3 30
Svengalis urdanick 3 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bowie Mafia dherz_263 10 132
Bridges toddemayer 5 160
Burnt Endz kb71 0 0
Outlaws colewharton 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bull$ mbrake 5 283
Disease vandydave 4 233
Kerfuffle DonJusto 0 30
Pig Parkers genghisxcon 11 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Couves stu1368 2 91
Fox Terriers drknow28 0 45
Haoles editor21 2 153
Surf Dogs AceCards 7 249
World Chat
Potentially willing to trade a starting pitcher for a power hitting st baseman/LF type. Ringo Cheney (P) Hawk Gibson (P) Oscar Bradford (P)
just a reminder to add your prospects to the 40-man now. no whining if they get taken in the Rule 5.
I am rooting for that, too.
I’m rooting for a Honolulu vs London World Series. What times would the games be
Chico Hernandez (RF) and Odalis Vincente (B) are both here for you when you realize FA isn't working out
Wayne Newton loves Tokyo
Looks like Tokyo, Seoul, London, and Cuba were added.
Larry Witt (P) available. Mostly looking to get rid of his contract
When was Tokyo added as an option?
Jeanmar Noesi (SS) is available if someone wants a defensive shortstop who has somewhat of a bat.

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