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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs dupala1 1 35
Licorice cmruready 0 5
Massapequa Mercenaries sfpvideo 0 1
Wood Chippers wrecks 8 131
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball Stars nesman 2 145
Battery Throwers tommy_cian 0 72
Conquistadors kmueller 0 33
Quetzalcoatl cbriese 11 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bankers Bbeebe17 0 16
Little Beauties levibebop 0 6
Pollock on her Face gin_caesar 7 34
Surf Riders IX POKEYSAN 19 328
Franchise Owner Titles Season
are for Saturdays Fregoe 3 121
Danke Schoen mbriese 1 77
Silence peoria 0 5
Slores moy23 6 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons westolla 0 56
Crazy Horse scotsmet 1 57
Fat Governors r0b0t 4 115
Marquis rourke 1 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bowie Mafia dherz_263 7 92
Rockstars dshimoda 2 112
Rule V Legends babypop985 0 44
side high rules! bret2775 0 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Disease vandydave 3 196
Falcon Smashers tnicol44 0 51
Hustlers dbird85 2 32
Pig Parkers genghisxcon 10 117
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Couves stu1368 2 60
Haoles spacecoyote 1 39
Surf Dogs AceCards 4 168
Terrorists deandg 5 71
World Chat
Aggravating. I know I inherited a mess but my sp are awful
It's been a pleasure
Hello Trenton. I've been expecting you.
tnicol, I do that all season. Guys rest in the 7th up or down by 3.
It saves fatigue late in season. Costs us some games but I also normally build deeper and my guys are mostly interchangeable. Works OK over the years. Just how I do it. I autorest a 98% or 95% late i...
After the PM cycle
20 games in, isn't that promotion day? I always forget when the right day is...
Dean, I’m surprised that you rest your starters down 4 in the 7th
Question??? With his makeup is it worth med bugging Kolten Holmes (CF) ? I usually don't do it with lower makeup guys. Does it still work? Anyway I already put him on so we will find out.
We are kind of due. Last I looked our Expected % was close to .600 and our actual win % was around .400. Something has to give. I'm sure you will take the rest.

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