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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bear SpC1165 3 39
Blue Whales Grandmasta87 0 2
Browns nc96484 0 2
Railriders Hakuna20 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bears kblack2778 1 75
Dusters ampipe100 0 13
Knights Sonofodin52 2 399
Orioles Jvrc 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues bckrull 0 157
Mavericks reggiedeal 8 178
Outlaws jagtown 0 51
Rocks Glorious 1 5
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rainmakers davidbutler9 2 150
Rattlers andyr104 6 286
Spiders tori05 1 88
Stars wedgeva 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombsquad eaze87 0 34
Capone's tony23 1 377
Mariners serca 0 0
Royals tmgrundle 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dolphins Dolfins21 0 0
Hitmen astros23 0 24
Minutemen ukwildcats 2 113
Sixty 9ers buddy996 2 134
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mustangs aschaf27 0 0
Sfigor sors 2 111
Swabbies graybeard 23 357
Wranglers SKULLY417 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fury DonJusto 0 8
L.A. Fox kenfox 0 0
Tatanka keltic44 0 96
WhiteCaps~^^ the_wacker 1 76
World Chat
Arodys Johnson (B) won his arbitration case and can be had for a pile of sticks and a water bottle.
Julian Pena (C) is available for anyone needing a C
Anyone moving a power hitter that can play any position other the 1B or catcher
Danry Gonzales (P) SP/LR/Mopup type guy. Available for middle of road prospect. SS with good defense, poor offense would work fine.
After some consideration, Brandon Baker is available if you can part with SP prospects and cash.
In need of 2 SP
With that being said, I am now home for the night and can discuss some trades. Looking to bring in some pitching if anyone has anyone they can or want to move
Just leave it the system will automatically nullify it at the end.
So should everyone reject that deal?
My mistake I wasn’t paying attention, Dolfins had sent me 2 trades I meant to reject that one and accept the other.

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