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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats mdymond 20 225
Boom Sticks thevorlon2 0 13
Millers dflom2008 2 100
Terriers burk 2 198
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dry Docks krisr 1 108
Pilots cshake93 1 110
Small Bears rschaitkin 0 96
Swinging Hoosiers egide10 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos ACEROTHSTEIN 9 160
Horsemen geedub 0 33
Mental Patients mike39h 1 8
Water Dogs jmaese 3 277
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hikers casperthegm 0 22
Potatoes carlbuzz 0 3
Roughnecks flbarons 1 277
Witch Hunts auggieward 6 153
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fighting Owls timmyer 0 84
Motors gophilsgo 0 45
Smoked Heaters goldenboy00 5 102
Stars tommymax 11 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire gerald007 6 257
jakes jokers Jake351977 0 66
Penn Quakers XtraHits 0 59
Schrutes RubDirtOnIt4 0 8
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Breeze pete775 1 135
Brewers trubrewcrew 8 69
Colt 45's andyr104 6 312
Generals berrysboys 2 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anteaters MJDSupporter 1 5
Desert Dogs Jtpsops 2 124
Dirtbags snotpuppies 0 7
Stingers TooSmoothMoF 0 5
World Chat
I could trade Esteban Jose (B), Wally Griffith (B), Ray Neagle (B), and/or Clem Melker (SS) for a comparable, younger prospect or for pitching prospects.
the overnight signings is the biggest BS about this generally wonderful game...
So True! Ha.
Yet every Low-A bench coach wants to drag it out as long as possible….
I think he signed because it went two cycles without an increased bid. But when those cycles are in the middle of the night it makes it tough.
Lol, I was just testing the market to see what the top offer was. I originally was #1 and then was outbid. Did not expect him to sign until the last cycle..He must have missed me..
Yup. I was #1 on Fontanez at midnight. Wake up and he’s signed. Such garbage. No way a FA like that wouldn’t wait.
I really hate when you have top offer on a FA and then you get outbid and don’t have a chance to counter
Tony Quintero (B) is on the block.
For anyone who's looking for a defensive B/CF with a very solid bat, Perry Mathews (B) is available

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