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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fish Mongers nfernaljones 0 24
Mets tdfactory 2 474
Reds renrog 1 151
Southpaws Seventy_77 2 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mud Fish DawLog 0 9
Rebels olemiss33 15 229
Whalers maharacer 12 112
White Geese davecallahan 2 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canucks torobounty 4 62
Eagles groth911 3 162
Express campbell1972 1 49
Immigrants buddy996 2 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Abyssinians merritr 2 109
Thundering Herd sport65 1 91
Triples Sportsbulls 0 5
Warriors bruinsfan911 0 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Conways zeustis01 14 161
Gloop shiish 4 171
Sasquash scoop015 1 29
Titanic ttjackson 3 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears sonofthebear 0 130
Kentucky Mustangs chall23x1 0 1
Panthers AllStarInc 0 16
Piranhas rwgeorge7 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Domination! rileyf1 1 215
gang bangers tui0job 3 93
Knives thewheaties 0 231
Nemesis mowbs69 7 275
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gonzo idigapygmy 20 200
Mighty Sea Horses bobkordecki 4 218
Saguaro bcpbcp7 9 97
Trash Pandas goodtymes31 2 201
World Chat
Well SF has moved from bad to worse. Lost 2 SPs on an already weak staff. Only 2 contacts past season 32. Rebuild?
goodtymes he's a backup making 3 million
dude got 1 pitcher with 4 stamina 1 with 9 and only 10 pitchers and looking for a bailout .
We are looking for a few new owners to join Stickball league for it's 47th season. Looking to fill 5 spots for the great league.
The week one trivia winners are 1st- Goodtymes31,
tied for 2nd is Zeustis01 and Bruinsfan911. I have had the week 2 trivia questions done since monday but I dropped the ball in getting them on the blog. I will make it up for the next week. I will co...
Kinda shocked Vinnie Hutchison (C) cleared waivers. Anyone looking for a very solid backup catcher, he is available for a prospect.
10 pitchers, 1 catcher,
and no real prospects left. You might have to move one of your studs to free up cash. You've got some big contracts ramping up next season too. You've got options left with some of your backu...
Why are you only carrying 10 pitchers? I mean, if you have a bunch of guys that can throw alot of pitches that might be fine, but your bullpen guys aren't that.

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