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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Mets tdfactory 2 506
Reds renrog 1 165
Southpaws Seventy_77 2 80
White Sox slashtc 3 114
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baltimore Black Sox CamdenGhost 0 56
Militia matthewm3 1 40
Mud Fish DawLog 0 13
White Geese davecallahan 2 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angel's Envy kingkai53 1 198
Canucks torobounty 4 66
Eagles groth911 3 182
Rebels shobob 13 233
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Abyssinians merritr 2 117
Gamblers dmac1213 0 9
GoldRush sport65 1 100
Warriors bruinsfan911 0 77
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Conways zeustis01 17 177
Nathans shiish 5 185
Sasquash scoop015 1 38
Titanic ttjackson 3 77
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears sonofthebear 0 139
Kentucky Mustangs chall23x1 0 3
Panthers AllStarInc 0 22
Piranhas rwgeorge7 0 23
Franchise Owner Titles Season
gang bangers tui0job 3 99
Heaters alanharwell 0 27
Knives thewheaties 0 248
Park bcpbcp7 11 108
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadians Rodgie 0 0
Clippers bobby2c 0 0
Kremlin idigapygmy 22 215
Trash Pandas goodtymes31 2 209
World Chat
Five hundred at last!
Willing and motivated to trade for your # or # SP for these two young studs: Garabez Almanzar (SS) and Damaso Cruz (LF). I could swap Rico Cedeno (SS) for Almanzar, if you wish.
We're looking at a ROY/MVP combo in the AL this season: Samuel McGlinchy (CF)
Any contenders looking for a bullpen arm? Guy Fontenot (P) is available. Has a team option for next year.
Now that we've figured out who is in contention and who isn't...anyone got an overpriced, aging but still great SP they'd like to unload?
That was quite the pitching performance. High stress, with only a one run lead. With that pitch count, he must have been getting close to being pulled, too.
Thanks Seventy_77, that was a close one!
Congrats Baltimore on the No-Hitter. St. Louis Southpaws vs. Baltimore Baltimore Black Sox
He looks much better now than what I had seen before.
Welllll, hopefully my international scouts were better than my advance scouts. Vladimir Polonia (RF)

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