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1 Spots Open
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Burning River worthagoogle 0 23
Canadiens bigthrowsie 0 71
Mammoths aenima 5 97
Mounties grapeape 0 176
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Available Franchise none 0 0
Elite Giants berrysboys 0 71
Phillies jetsons 3 97
Yankees norsk44 0 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats dlmose 1 131
Bolts aaronwayne 0 220
Harvaths nelsonba25 11 167
Sharks willemijn 2 81
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Crew oakman310 10 174
Sea Lions DodgerBlue13 3 84
Stars stat10 0 18
Tidal Waves misterfresh 8 119
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blowhards nesman 4 167
Gran Torinos themojoking 3 135
Lumberjacks foulballz 29 101
Wolves jimt14120 4 190
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boiler Makers hovah67 0 57
Cardinals wizbang1943 0 136
Phantoms cbaltz_ca 1 44
Racers t2bott 1 79
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barracuda jaylien1 1 16
Cavalry johneck 2 43
Fireballs CarsonLA 0 22
Zephyrs wrecks 10 151
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Daredevils golefty71 0 34
Geckos Tricklesee 0 23
Miners iamastro123 3 42
OK Mad Cows dreed115 0 44
World Chat
Kenny Powers swap is off the table, they found another world to swap with.
I only have one RL coach, one Low A coach and 2 AAA coaches available. Most of the ones that are willing to re-sign want to sign at a higher level. No great returning coaches.
That's pretty much unheard of.
How is that possible.
My least favorite scheduling/budgeting issue in HBD NOT AN ISSUE THIS SEASON AT ALL! I only need one minor league coach. Awesome!
If anyone is thinking of adding a team, Kenny Powers has offered a swap. Let me know if interested. I'm already in that world or I would do it.
my way of avoiding yard work is living in a condo... works like a dream on halloween too...
Dlmose, Let me rephrase. Kenny Powers is a fun league with a salary cap
BTW.. Oakman310 has 10 world championships in his other leagues so he may also have to be on the 'do not trade with' list. dmose is still okay to trade with, as I am; need SP... badly.
Google, no matter what you may say, in the backroads of MY memory, KP and fun is an oxymoron.

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