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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Madison Machine kermit 0 105
Navigators gophilsgo 0 42
Order of the Golden Fleece efeighny 0 71
Palm Tree's nbaker10 0 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blasters Pirateswin3 0 2
Pantywaists ronn44 0 40
Renegades casperthegm 0 14
Senators pimpbotlove 19 202
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anheuser Angels tbunnellsox 0 9
Bulls dillontt 8 172
Lightning bcinsk23 14 84
Motorboaters dbreez 4 132
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anachondas Tunaphysh 2 47
Publc Square russilini 1 139
Rain tourney heat 0 59
Tucson nights Discovergame 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics 113Elm 0 3
Dice dtrim911 0 6
Eagles Davidacevedo 0 19
Red Stockings DodoDickens 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Crabs amccarron 0 106
Cheetahs andrewfrance 2 104
Laredos urbanjman 1 17
Orange Crush Godawgs45 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Camellos macwetherbee 0 47
Express Scotb50 0 10
Fliers scarpio 0 102
Gasparilla Pirate Festivals bobkordecki 4 248
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Argonauts burk 2 181
Hardways lebeaubg 0 67
Quakes ham00020 3 118
Sewer Dwellers delhibengal 3 100
World Chat
Looking for a good ML SS
I have too many ML bullpen arms. Guys available include: Scott Bacsik (P) , Fred Jenkins (P) , Robert Gardner (P) , Dan Riedling (P). Can be had for minor leaguers.
Anyone who wants Geraldo Martinez (LF) can have him for free provided they take the whole contract, no cash added.
I was not doing a whole lot of winning with em so I might as well try something different
Magglio Zurbaran (DH) available. Looking for a minor league prospect.
the Arbonauts!
These guys too: George Sullivan (P), Robert Seneca (P), Nefi Olivares (P), and Cal Holmes (P).
As well as Al Gutierrez (SS), Cito Ynoa (SS), Daniel Moreno (B), and Hipolito Pena (C).
The following are all arb eligible and available: Reymond Ortiz (LF), Pablo Johnson (CF),
Ohok thanks

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