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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bassett Hounds drknow28 0 51
Flyers Moonbeam100 0 0
Highlanders yanks21 31 302
Loonies jalisa16 1 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics HAWKEYEONE 5 398
Inconceivables asher413 2 66
Raven Shaddock's Sledge Hammer newaggie 4 63
Votto's SKULLY417 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls mdefraga 1 66
Juice hugodls 3 86
Makos jschnaufer 8 98
Villa Stewart_UK 5 297
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Horn Dogs The_Stiffs 3 90
Land Sharks obiewon777 16 332
Oaks ampipe100 1 58
Yogurt clickforviru 0 7
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs sonofthebear 0 220
Gunners thedude97 0 30
Miflins jain303 2 67
Tigers HWPixHend 0 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Pirates seble 2 168
Boston Blue Sox twalles33 0 0
Tobaccoleros billhowell75 16 787
Werewolves oakman310 20 331
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Rock Whitetail96 3 91
Black Knights Malcolmx1414 0 43
Leaguers TXExpress713 1 54
RENEGADE tatankawya 2 130
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cowboys MLB_Dreams 0 1
Fishmongers JFryer31 0 5
Hounds 2_black_dogs 5 168
Ogres ukwildcats 5 234
World Chat
Top starting pitcher Jesus Seanez (P) may be available for right prospect package send only serious offers.
Clarence Lowell (RF) Avaliable for prospect
Put some guys on trade block but open to all offers.
Dixon Guerrero (SS) Victor Gandarillas (SS) Len Charles (C) available for prospects
Wily Mo Bartee (P) Raimel Rosado (CF) Luis Crespo (C) all me if your interested
Donne Featherston (P) Needs to go to a contender. Ill cover million of his salary. I wont need much in return. Just an over good enough to avoid a veto.
Alright! All full!
I downsized my number of teams but just posted in the chats of the remaining worlds I’m a part of.
I notified the folks in my other world. Surprising there are no bites for the 100-win squads.
nice down to 4 welcome everyone

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