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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cans of Corn mattfurjan 13 121
Clippers job314 11 122
Mooseheads Devilsbag 0 7
Stix-n-Stonz buddy996 2 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics JMH131 1 31
Kingsmen ShowtimeTN 0 0
Nationals gidoni13 12 44
Triggermen blue mug 2 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecs Mattrapier 0 7
Creasy Bear johncreasy 3 90
Redlegs DelhiBean 0 3
Troubadors kermit 0 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Devils amiller41 0 11
Emeralds loosecc 0 220
Hurricanes Daggers 1 54
Ocean Dwellers bobkordecki 4 209
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bovine squeekyethan 2 101
Scarlet Letters sccrplyr16 0 105
Timbers agentverde 5 44
Trojans slabbyslab 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bridegrooms mouldy311 1 23
Hamsterdams Benster21 0 0
Hillbillies martyrez 0 9
Warriors kimo676 0 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beatles idigapygmy 18 191
Hogs tony23 1 302
Tar Handles Jgrimm5 0 11
Victorious Secrets harrybalsana 2 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers Rooster13 0 12
Buffalo redhawk04 0 17
Missiles finnski 3 192
Tabernacles souphound 4 62
World Chat
If you want to trade with Ottawa, start waiving and pick what you can. And don't delete your inbox. It's the only place where you can see where all the players went to.
Everyone on my ML roster is available
Just a little. ;)
blue mug
That kills a pitching staff.
Cincinnati Scarlet Letters vs. Santa Cruz Missiles .....what a LONG game this was.
Anyone have interest in repeat MVP winner and future first ballot HOF'er? Mike Johnston (B)
Damn kids. Thinking they’re entitled to more than I’ll ever make in my life time!
Will Bell (B) available for a prospect.
I now avoid them like a plague
If you try to draft a player that Probably won't sign, he is going to ask 5M to 8M. I drafted 12 one season, just to check it out. The 12 total were asking for 73M, more than my entire team payr...

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