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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cans of Corn mattfurjan 13 136
Clippers job314 13 137
Legends clark9jhu 1 79
Muskies pete21982 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics JMH131 1 39
Nationals gidoni13 12 52
Okefenokee Swampers yob1936 0 8
Rhodies crabman26 4 177
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecs Mattrapier 0 15
Creasy Bear johncreasy 4 126
Redlegs DelhiBean 0 11
Troubadors kermit 0 105
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Devils amiller41 3 27
Emeralds loosecc 0 272
Friars soxyanks12 0 50
Redbirds drichar138 5 156
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fury db11 0 4
Steamrollers sport65 1 127
Timbers agentverde 5 52
Trojans slabbyslab 0 20
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bridegrooms mouldy311 1 31
Hamsterdams Benster21 0 14
Hillbillies martyrez 0 17
Warriors kimo676 0 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beatles idigapygmy 27 241
Dogs 2_black_dogs 5 137
Hogs tony23 1 377
Tar Handles Jgrimm5 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers Rooster13 0 20
Buffalo redhawk04 1 26
Missiles finnski 3 243
Tabernacles souphound 4 70
World Chat
I believe its based on W/L records,
and since we havent started playing games yet its based off last seasons records. So it sounds like no matter what he wont accept the trade until this season starts and you have a better record than...
When a player uses his no trade ability is it only to the team or is it worth trying to restructure the trade?
Tony Pan (P) available for trade.
A. Perez C - arb eligible available
Felix Shinjo (CF) Available for prospects
Gordon Malone (P) is available for a prospect
Hank Stassi (B) Bernard Hodges (B) Xander Romano (LF) Moose Fonda (P) Nathan Bannister (P) Soem players on the move.
Ryota Chang (P) Anyone looking for a Stud pitcher to put you over the top. Chang is on the move.
Tony Chavez (P) is available he is arb eligible.

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