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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cans of Corn mattfurjan 13 130
Clippers job314 11 131
Frackers ampipe100 0 1
Rangers havonjr7 0 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics JMH131 1 36
Kingsmen ShowtimeTN 0 5
Narwals catjuggler23 2 42
Nationals gidoni13 12 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aztecs Mattrapier 0 12
Creasy Bear johncreasy 3 111
Redlegs DelhiBean 0 8
Troubadors kermit 0 99
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Devils amiller41 1 20
Emeralds loosecc 0 250
Redbirds drichar138 5 147
Wolverines RoughDraftRa 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fighting Coronas Sheahrt2 0 1
Fury db11 0 1
Timbers agentverde 5 49
Trojans slabbyslab 0 17
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bridegrooms mouldy311 1 28
Hamsterdams Benster21 0 8
Hillbillies martyrez 0 14
Warriors kimo676 0 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beatles idigapygmy 23 219
E- Jay's markmann513 0 3
Hogs tony23 1 344
Tar Handles Jgrimm5 0 16
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers Rooster13 0 17
Buffalo redhawk04 1 23
Missiles finnski 3 222
Tabernacles souphound 4 67
World Chat
Will be in the market for a SP.
There are some awful contracts on this team
Raymond Gabriel (RF) is on the trade block entering his first year of arbitration. His arb number for the year is only $.M.
Damn db, those are some big salaries.
Greg Hansen (SS) Posiedon Huskey (B) Alvin Whitesell (CF) Melky James (P) are on the block
Kenny Glauber (B) is on the block.
3.3 mil for two years. I'll eat most, if not all, of this years contract if I can get a mid level pitching prospect. I'd swap him for your catcher agentverde and pick up 3 mil of this years...
I'm looking to move Matt Hendricksen (C), a huge power hitter C/DH who's a little weak defensively and might fit best in the American League. Hit me up if you're interested.
I'm glad we're rolling! Welcome, drichar138! And I hope we get an easier World password next season. Yeesh. Thanks for figuring that out, folks.
Glad you're here. Now let's get this thing rolling. Good luck everyone.

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