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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bangers & Mash dbreez 3 127
Dundee Mifflin staycool 0 11
Minions anm3slash 0 0
Tribe ka163508 0 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aquaponics jazzurb 8 223
Headshot Squad hystericslap 14 179
Orioles TheGator 0 60
Water Dogs jmaese 3 257
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Rocks Lollipalooza 1 61
Centurion RoughDraftRa 0 13
Demon Monkeys goodtymes31 2 224
Jabronies tittiboi 1 49
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers obiewon777 13 273
Honolulu Hammerheads Warcode34 0 6
Rodeo Clowns bigtex1 4 101
Seals mdefraga 0 28
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Can’t Do What I Do luiepowell 0 23
Lynx sinfonian11 2 144
Nationals schnipper 2 99
Reds gccoach 1 128
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bandits jimbojones55 11 78
Cardinals PaleHose72 0 22
Cyclones ukwildcats 1 97
Hedd hednuts 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls No More CamdenGhost 0 73
Eagles Davidacevedo 0 14
Raining Game michaelhking 1 17
Red Raiders mattysmitty 1 62
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avocados Kuzenheimer 1 24
Hawks laker853 0 44
Rainiers GoldieGamma 0 16
Sluts rugrat 1 349
World Chat
Time for a rebuild, most of my ML roster is available, including MVP candidate Pedro Duran (B), solid SP Onelki Fernandez (P), and cheap contracts in Del Rijo (B) and Kerry Lee (RF)
Looking to *move* one of my Catchers.
Trade Block updated. Looking to live one of my arb-eligible Catchers. I’m open for negotiations.
R.J. Below (LF) and Hector Valdez (SS) are also looking to be moved
Looking to move Rymer Guerrero (P) for not much at all
Everyone is available on ML roster.
Enrique Tocci (B) also available, asking . in arb. Both guys want about million for years long-term.
Arb guy Kouhei Nakano (B) available for a prospect. Asking . in arb, second year guy.
Terrence Holmes (P) Bret Joyner (C) added to the trade block. Looking for prospects. Holmes asking . in arb or . for years.
I updated my trade block.

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