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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Devils dukediggler5 0 47
Eagles vico 2 112
Orangemen wguymon23 0 2
Towers scomoss 0 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brahmas Hcal65 0 9
Demolition derby pitnickd 0 190
Dinosaurs pajammies 3 59
Royal Giants nelsonba25 10 138
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dolphins mpate10 0 72
Gold Club bjb2378 28 154
Phreaks gratefuldawg 1 79
Tar Heels tdfactory 1 352
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Banana Slugs shucky 8 117
Lazy Flies mattyjim 0 6
OKC 89'ers bcboomer 1 41
Rainbow Warriors ben7415 0 36
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beat jamier2003 4 76
Santa Destroyers rwings1927 0 51
Silence thebrigadier 0 17
Vandals aengland51 0 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Nationals hexhash 0 25
Poormen ewd330 27 191
Rays amoebaman78 0 29
Sea Dogs jkpsu01 0 22
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces kingleonidas 1 30
Rebels auburnfan 2 69
Resistance victorzhao 11 135
Yankdawgs erbgotti 8 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bionic Freaks kdforester 5 180
Bullfrogs bullfrog333 3 100
Pioneers jaxng 0 105
Stompers tenaciousdx 2 95
World Chat
This has been worst IFA pool I've ever seen.
so when Antonio Uchida (P) blew a SV to get me eliminated from the playoffs last season, he turned into a head case. BSV so far and a whopping decisions, mainly due to his cruddy pitching. Fun!
The two trades between Durham and Portland are ONE whole deal.
Looking to move Eric Wulf (RF) for a B+ prospect, any position/pitcher type
Top shortstop Willie Galarraga (SS) is available. Young and minimum contract. Trade chat if interested.
anyone interested in Enrique Melendez (B) , not looking for much in return
Looking for a plus vet B or SS, have a few good prospects to package, including: Lance Hitchcock (C) ,
Domingo Marrero (B) , Roger Bako (B) , Sammy Lloyd (SS) , Ray Cedeno (LF) , Chief Qualls (P) , Amos Basile (P) , Sean Blank (P)
I can sum up my draft in one word - sux.
wow, blockbuster there.

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