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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Devils dukediggler5 0 60
Eagles vico 3 179
Rail Riders kingdean 1 221
Towers scomoss 0 73
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BULL DOGS alebear 1 373
Cardinals Tunaphysh 2 48
Destroyers kjeverhart 1 46
Zigzags FrozenK 1 106
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dolphins mpate10 0 100
Gold Club bjb2378 38 194
Leathernecks gunnergillet 0 2
Rappahannock CheezyWriter 4 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
89ers bcboomer 3 92
Banana Slugs shucky 15 157
Gordos mraviv 0 4
Lazy Flies mattyjim 2 98
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beat jamier2003 10 136
Blue Stockings jwperry 0 169
Go-Go's minus55 1 28
Vandals aengland51 1 110
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Maple Syrup dcm100 0 23
Moose Chowder moose08 1 101
Rowdies ohiopirate 2 59
Yabanjin jk27 1 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clubs gdmetz 12 88
jakes jokers Jake351977 0 50
Resistance victorzhao 13 177
Yankdawgs erbgotti 13 124
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Armadillos ghutton9 5 173
Cowboys jaxng 3 171
Golden Nuggets tenaciousdx 3 161
Sultans of SoWhat Ahsowhat 10 179
World Chat
Riley is truly amazing (other than bjb), seriously consider joining!
We have one opening left in Riley. It's a great world (other than bjb being in it). We would love to have you. If you take it, you'll be competing against one other team for a $25 gift card. P...
GL to you too. Hopefully my rabbits will get on the basepaths!
Good luck, dcm! I’m not looking forward to watching all those rabbits on the base paths
Thanks Ohio. I never expected a sweep as the entire NL East was tough this year.
Man Rochester just about winning at every level
Well that was a convincing series win. At least I don't have any agony of one poor play costing me or anything. Congrats Burlington.
Congrats Rochester. GL moving forward.
Congrats to the LDS winners, no repeat pennant winners this season.
Yeah, good series Victor. I was really sweating it when I was scrolling through the 9th inning. When I play your team I always worry about how many home runs I’ll give up.

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