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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Devils dukediggler5 0 53
Eagles vico 2 140
Orangemen wguymon23 0 12
Towers scomoss 0 58
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BULLIES alebear 1 311
Destroyers kjeverhart 1 31
Royal Giants nelsonba25 11 166
Zigzags FrozenK 1 46
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dolphins mpate10 0 84
Gold Club bjb2378 32 171
Rappahannock CheezyWriter 0 18
Tar Heels tdfactory 2 448
Franchise Owner Titles Season
89ers bcboomer 1 61
Banana Slugs shucky 11 134
HeartBreaker"s bacchek 0 112
Lazy Flies mattyjim 0 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beat jamier2003 5 99
Blue Stockings jwperry 0 153
Silence thebrigadier 0 28
Vandals aengland51 0 87
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Force showofforce 5 35
Hurricanes ssymank 0 13
Maple Syrup dcm100 0 11
Rowdies ohiopirate 2 44
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clubs peagles99 1 33
Rebels auburnfan 2 84
Resistance victorzhao 11 156
Yankdawgs erbgotti 9 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bionic Freaks cjjcu 1 65
Golden Nuggets tenaciousdx 2 124
Luau bobkordecki 4 213
Pioneers jaxng 2 140
World Chat
Just heated that I led for two full days then lost him without notice. Oh well. Stuff happens. Got a platoon to be a one year band-aid. Hope he works out for you.
Butch Roach (RF) is available.
Sorry jax. I was bidding on him throughout and just managed to pass you at the end. Got lucky to get three that I was behind on. I probably won't be happy about them in a few years, but they shoul...
Yep, FA really blows sometimes
Not sure how I LEAD for Bland for 48 hours then he signs elsewhere without notice, and for a pretty strange amount. What a crock.
Asking for a single prospect for Louie Brogna (B). Same for Vernon Garcia (P).
I tried all options and no trade with a max offer fornRichard to no avail.
Glad Butch is in the NL. I had a max offer for him, but he chose you. Great signing.
If anyone needs a PH/backup option, both Stefen Alomar (B) and Butch Roach (RF) are available.
Things I hate: 1) Terrorism. 2) Slow drivers in the fast lane. 3) Oregon Duck fans. 4) Cheap toilet paper. 5) Hiring Coaches. Especially Fielding Coaches.

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