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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
OldFashions jpelot 10 121
Sea Bears jneiswan 0 0
Tough themayorbk 0 59
White Sox jbeavon 0 110
Franchise Owner Titles Season
21s drummer_66 1 61
Bleeping Expletive$ mbrake 4 186
Red Stockings kevmax100 2 210
Senators msmsales 2 92
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Baseball Addicts pipers2013 0 30
Chaquetas Amarillas graff12 0 48
Luck mattster24 9 78
Monohydrates kitgb 0 113
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues jlm612 0 28
Lights crushthebean 2 59
Shimmy Shakes dshimoda 2 144
Spuds chaskahbd 0 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coal Breakers gregdoc6 3 35
Force Dono433 0 2
Royals ham00020 3 78
Time Bandits jimmy1217 0 58
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Crabs goodtymes31 2 205
Bulls Malcolmx1414 0 9
Catchers In The Rye gooserules 0 30
Stars KPMcClave 7 104
Franchise Owner Titles Season
EliteDucks jdrake27 4 203
Fire kcoach 0 8
Florida mannytanner 0 67
Red Birdies rileyf1 1 233
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Book of Mormon potz 4 41
Dukes berrysboys 0 80
Freakshow trf70 0 39
Vipers 420cardinal 0 57
World Chat
My questionable scouting showed him with 4 or 5 100 ratings, so take with a grain of salt. But only 50 stamina. Could be a stud closer.
I see him now as an absolute stud but with potential for 50 stamina only... then again, my advance scouting is also something I punt on budget wise...
My $20M Intl scouting had Placido at Stamina - 40, Control - 73, vLeft - 100, vRight - 85, P1 - 93, P2 - 93. My advance scouting has him even higher, but my barely there Adv scouting budget makes that...
Looking for some minor leaguers (2B,SS,CF). If anyone is interested in moving some players, TC or send an offer. Thanks and good luck!
yes, very. my low adv scouting had him 100 in most categories lol
will be interesting to see over time how close Placido Duran comes to his projected numbers.
I missed the window to sign Brandon Greene (P) to a long term contract and now he wants to go to FA, so I am willing to consider trading him if the deal is right.
I need another SP. needs to be good against RH. will move a prospect(s) for the right deal
Practice games are over. Time to turn on the bright lights! Make sure your major- and minor-league rosters, lineups and pitching staffs are set before the season starts.

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