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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hackers metalplunger 0 12
Marauders rquin9 10 342
Patchwork ZoraIT 2 28
Yankees lbrooks2 1 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Deadrisers MDem 1 27
Grits kidcreeley 25 257
Ironbats KatrinaM 0 50
Wombats MelanieS 0 50
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rattlers Paige20 0 138
Senadores anm3slash 0 6
Sliders AlinaM 1 7
Tyrants CSThorne 0 53
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amazons AprilRT 0 15
Ash CourtneyHT 0 27
Okapis fflgopher 3 140
Warrior Nuns VDark 0 19
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammers norsk44 0 194
Monarchs MabelO 2 61
Red Legs ronazbill 6 193
Tics CimTen 0 8
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anglophiles jamier2003 11 142
Phillies FrozenK 1 114
Scorpions anthrus 0 63
Spiders cnsmuck 0 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Havoc MikeLiv 0 56
Nutcrackers Jerry913 0 6
Spurs bigmattr 33 160
Tarpons flbarons 1 250
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a golsen 8 148
Scavengers Disable411 0 61
Sirens rubnsly 0 70
Valkyries KarenMH 0 2
World Chat
I have Perez and Storen as worthy candidates.
Hector Perez (DH) is a no-brainer for HOF.
Still looking to deal. Send me a note or an offer.
Yunesky Reyes (SS) available for th spot/late inning def.
I'd like to move J.T. Palmer (P) for a utility type player.
Added a couple players to the trade block. They can be had for a prospect.
inexpensine Carlos Moscoso (C) emergency C/DH can also fill in at B. st Arb year K
Site Staff
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Looking to move one or two of Michael Rogers (RF) ,
Kurt Cook (RF) , and Gerald Wright (B) for prospects. Vicente Izquierdo (P) for the same. I'm also willing to move uber-prospect Kendrys James (LF) for quality MLB pitching.

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