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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dontchaknows notrekane 0 30
Hackers metalplunger 0 4
Uecker-Braves YankeeGr8tes 0 3
Yankees lbrooks2 1 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Faithful livysdaddy 6 77
Grits kidcreeley 21 184
Hillbillies AubDutch 1 5
Lumpies pitboss13 4 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Atleticos blahx3 1 11
Nopales macchiato 6 89
Ratas Gordas ratfink99 1 86
Rattlers Paige20 0 116
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fleet TXExpress713 0 10
Jaguars Flucie 6 263
Okapis fflgopher 3 88
Tigers thunderdonky 3 71
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Corgis mike22182 0 13
Hammers norsk44 0 165
Red Legs ronazbill 6 181
Unbearded sgjohnst 0 41
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Anglophiles jamier2003 5 104
Legends Alabama_Lege 0 10
Phillies FrozenK 1 59
Wyverns KingConan 0 1
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Jackalopes jreeves999 0 0
Mayhem ronn44 0 27
Spurs bigmattr 20 109
Tarpons flbarons 0 129
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dukes cfordy40 0 5
Frenzy shoeknotlace 1 30
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a golsen 7 124
Redbirds jkenned 10 158
World Chat
Daniel McCorley (P) one last plug for AL CY Award: game winner despite being on a last place team with very little offense;
led AL with 13 CG and 4 SO (tie). Only pitcher with over 300 IP and even with so many innings under his belt still placed 3rd in AL in WHIIP and 2nd in ERA. Threw no-hitter and broke MLB single seaso...
Probably not worth it with a few games left in the season and no chance for that team making playoffs.
It's been over 2 weeks, can we replace jreeves now?
Dude is taking something.... to rack up that many innings and still be throwing for quality. He has the most IP and tied for second best WHIP in the league... and has actually been getting better the...
with 40% more innings pitched than in previous seasons his arm may fall off soon (I hope it doesn't, but, you know .. ;-)
Daniel McCorley (P) has tied the AL single season strikeout record
We are 42/67!
same here, I always have tons of closer blown saves, doesn't matter how good the ratings are. Although it's probably because I have bad character in real life...I hear it carries over to HBD
or wait its probably my skill level LOL

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