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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays reefer124 0 50
Expos jlm612 0 26
HeyMakerz metalgaru 0 17
Moose cinmark44 2 111
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Knights tarvanites 3 23
Lambda Lambda Lambda tmfran 8 645
lastplace justinuv 5 88
Rocks ewd330 31 239
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Florida Heat johnny33426 0 3
Replicants japheth007 3 78
Rockfish oldarmy01 1 28
Sluggers gk1968 0 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
81s maharacer 12 115
Lake Shores kidcreeley 21 190
Persimmons friarboy 0 42
Sixty Sixers jnewton 0 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asgaardians _asgaardian 1 16
Iconics EBzer 0 96
PANTHERS joshcarolina 2 50
Stampeders rhyno026 1 69
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves Hoss379 0 10
Red Coats mdymond 12 185
Red Sox brianwakler 2 69
Redlegs statman527 0 88
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brisket LoboOne04 0 11
Choco Latte drewster0 0 56
Elites bobbyjewels 2 49
Thunderstruck zipper74 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks Alphadawg35 0 2
Dodgers Dogs bncounter6 0 10
Outlaws Dufferman 0 246
Savages havoc666 0 17
World Chat
Let's keep these trades going. I'm motivated to move the veterans. Open to moving the younger ones as well if it makes sense. I have some flexibility now so I can take on a bad contract if it...
I'm open to moving most of my ML roster. Haven't gotten off to a good start and looking at a rebuild. I have many pieces that could help contenders and will be able to pay some salary if nee...
Is anyone looking for a solid catcher prospect who would consider swapping another prospect at a different position? TC me.
11 L’s in a row! It’s almost enough to make me rage quit and just blow this team up. If anyone has some free advice on what to do to turn this mess around I’m all ears.
Another no-no! (Albeit combined.) Madison Stampeders vs. Texas Brisket
Ive been paying for 3 guys that were paid just to avoid an arbitration hearing.
2 were done the end of last season. the last one is gone at the end of this season. All were being paid over 5 mil per. and none had played more than one season in ML before i got them.
who is lookingto improve and make that playoff push? i am about rdy to tear down and rebuild and looking for YOUNG prospects starting with pitching. i can also help with any position with offense and...
You too, these teams were some of the worst I had seen back then.i paid a lot of $ for players to not return the past couple of seasons.
The ship is not easy to turn around. Congrats

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