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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Jays reefer124 0 47
Expos jlm612 0 17
Moose cinmark44 2 106
Yankees Yankeejoe5 3 125
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Knights tarvanites 1 20
Lambda Lambda Lambda tmfran 8 621
lastplace justinuv 3 83
Rocks ewd330 30 230
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Florida Heat johnny33426 0 2
Replicants japheth007 3 75
Rockfish oldarmy01 1 27
Sluggers gk1968 0 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Field Mice psanders84 2 94
Lake Shores kidcreeley 19 176
Persimmons friarboy 0 39
Sharks peteskin 0 104
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asgaardians _asgaardian 1 15
Iconics EBzer 0 85
PANTHERS joshcarolina 2 49
Stampeders rhyno026 1 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves Hoss379 0 9
Immortals leadmoose 0 37
Red Sox brianwakler 2 68
Redlegs statman527 0 86
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brisket LoboOne04 0 9
Elite Ginge1 0 0
Illuminati bobbyjewels 2 48
Sun Sox mijam 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamondbacks Alphadawg35 0 1
Dodgers Dogs bncounter6 0 6
Outlaws Dufferman 0 239
Senators havoc666 0 10
World Chat
Lobo you asked for Martinez, a possible HOF prospect, come on now!
He’s not the only one who does that
Ha! The problem is that you are only interested in other people’s best players. We’ve got plans for those guys!
If I had any powers, I'd actually be able to swing a deal... I put out 6-7 pretty damn good players/prospects. Hell I think I'm the guy who falls for the Jedi mind tricks!
Curt Henry (P) and, possibly, Francis Grube (P) available
Power bat Eury Benitez (RF) available for prospect
I added some ML players and some AAA guys to trade block. Not sure what I want back, depends on how Free agency goes. In some cases prospects (preferably pitchers) may suffice
Yunel Urias (LF) is available.
Where do you keep the turbin?
I'm beginning to have a complex now lol

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