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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brew Crew peteskin 0 111
Clippers griffland 3 60
Montreal Huskies NickGC08 0 0
Thunder II goombas12 0 101
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers willcatfan 2 74
Psychos scarpio 0 44
Riverdogs Garhawks 0 46
War Eagles ucfro 0 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coyotes rhyno026 1 71
Force showofforce 5 41
Monarchs aaamizzou 0 59
ThunderWolves stevepar 0 47
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Badlands malewell 2 106
Bearded Goats zeustis01 16 171
Dirtbags trojansb 1 31
Vandals gccoach 1 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Frolickers voleye 0 51
Groove westolla 0 90
Hustlers jake72 11 95
Signsteelers bwb53 7 248
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asylum jaylien1 1 35
Bullets Rattlers 5 140
Minutemen kgarlett 0 37
Singers roundfrog 8 191
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Generals mmeier 2 106
Redbirds brewsbrother 11 129
Reddenberries davis 3 21
Superfectas RedMike 5 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces bigham23 3 27
Mets scoop015 1 34
Neutrinos odeath 0 5
Rocky Mountain Oyster$ mbrake 4 191
World Chat
Might I suggest buzzers and trash cans?
I need to start cheating
Asdrubal Maduro (P) is having a great season. innings, . ERA, . WHIP, Ks & BBs. Looking for a prospect or maybe a struggling young big leaguer.
Esteban Juarez (RF) appears to want out of Hotlanta, dating back to last season. Shoot an offer if interested.
That buzzer is for his wife, She could be going into labor any time.....
He's wearing a buzzer!
Gioskar Riggs 3 run Double, two grand slams. 3 for 5 11 RBI
Lorin was with the team in September two seasons ago, then all last season and this season... and has 11 career IP.
I've got two guys cooling their jets in my bullpen to the tune of (combined) 3 appearances and 3.
innings pitched. But unlike the minimum-wage chumps you guys have highlighted, my two guys - Orlando Infante (P) & Ricky Rossy (P) - are eating up $. million in salary!

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