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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bartmans jwynkoop2424 7 59
Frozen Cheese Sticks gpbarn9 0 0
Jets hcohenmb 0 82
Wolverines tk21775 8 334
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Patriots bomain 0 57
Prowlers anthrus 0 26
Rocknrollas dwhit34 2 232
Wyverns reenum 0 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Knights rcf106 1 160
Nighthawks BroncoRon 0 43
Shotgun Messiahs Iceman67 1 343
Wranglers MikeLiv 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barnacles nycguy11 0 23
Morning Stars MDem 0 3
Pueo intern_hc 3 67
Wahoos clburns4784 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Expos tdfactory 2 515
Seavers johnny6 0 82
Seraphim VikcidiaZ 0 6
St. Pats ParlanceGuy 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coat Factory kmakice 0 41
Diamonds CSThorne 0 20
Poison Avery rattlers12 1 14
Vampyre nosferatu 5 182
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blewey emorust 0 23
Bronchos loudawg10 10 92
Circus Freaks Vertiara 0 6
Parish tah3306 0 135
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Agave bige 0 16
Appaloosa MabelO 0 25
Saturn Disable411 0 25
Troy jnewfry 2 110
World Chat
Not sure why autocorrect changed 30 to 40. He could hit 40, but 30 is an absolute lock based on his track record. He would have hit 40 last season if we hadn't clinched so early and shut all our...
Damon Obermueller (C) is going to hit HR for you,
and give you above average D behind the plate (has a GG award). I am willing to take back contracts to eat some of his salary this season and next, and he has an option the season after that. What...
PG, I am sure he is still bitter about it. We have spoken and he is out to prove you right. Of course he has stiff competition in his own lineup
Never. Highway robbery.
Just can't let that one go, can you PG? :-)
He was the real MVP in 48 too, but the voters ripped him off.
Nashville ownership is preparing to welcome Juan Lopez back to where he won his MVP award.
Mac Won (P) will probably be a good - starter for someone. Asking for an A-ball prospect who could reach comparable level in a few seasons.
Placido Oviedo (P) is available.

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