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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bartmans jwynkoop2424 5 41
Blue Brewers tarvanites 1 8
Jets hcohenmb 0 58
Philly Pole Dancers TheJames007 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coquis dwhit34 2 172
Crashing Squirrels emorust 0 5
Patriots bomain 0 41
Stardancers mrfortune3 1 98
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheladas mdodge13 0 4
Knights rcf106 1 150
Mustangs maxx4584 0 6
Terps terp59 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dreamcrushers reenum 0 3
Sea Turtles bigmike007 0 9
Snowmen pitboss13 1 55
Tigers seattleace 6 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grunge bigdaddyhank 0 29
Maine Coon ksbb 0 3
Seavers johnny6 0 32
Trappers reigny 0 320
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons dupala1 1 26
Coat Factory kmakice 0 20
Storm hartel 0 89
Vampyre nosferatu 4 145
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angry Birds wang35 5 49
Mashers nythrill 1 34
Mud Dogs daahdeedaa 0 0
Scorpions pitinomen 5 74
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Disappointment hankscorpion 0 0
Hipsters nfernaljones 0 0
Jose San Ryanlr88 0 2
Large Sons VIGuerrero 0 0
World Chat
looking to move 1B Ruben Durozo and inf/of Terry Gonzales. Looking for prospects
I have more starting pitching available. All and under: Aneury Alberro (P), Brace Davidson (P), and Harry Bennett (P). Looking for prospects
Looking to move Peter Koh (CF) . He can play SS, B, or CF. Looking for prospects. Let the rebuild begin!
I need to know immediately if anyone has interest in Derrick Bohanon (P). I can resign him for yrs @ $MM.
Looking for a prospect. If I let him go to free agency, he will go for a lot more than $ a year. Also, if anyone is looking to add a lot of power, Hub Halladay (RF), wants yrs @ $.MM. Trade chat me...
Anibal Cruz (C) is available for a prospect..he won gold glove seasons ago..still fairly young and under control...not even arbitration eligible...need prospects or maybe relievers TC me if intereste...
I wasn't planning on keeping him, but I don't think I got much long term value out of him and he definitely made my team worse this year, where as Graves I got back more useful pieces long ter...
Well I could use Graves back also lol, but I'm fine with that one since got me my starting C and a serviceable RP. I don't think Tomas will ever be more than a utility player and Sivilla is a...
If you weren't keeping Keats, it was the right move for you though.
That trade was much bigger for me than i was planning. Miller going down hurt very badly. I'm just glad i stockpiled RP in the offseason.

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