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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bartmans jwynkoop2424 4 39
Blue Brewers tarvanites 0 6
Jets hcohenmb 0 55
Philly Pole Dancers TheJames007 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coquis dwhit34 2 168
Crashing Squirrels emorust 0 4
Patriots bomain 0 39
Stardancers mrfortune3 1 97
Franchise Owner Titles Season
JagBats p0476263 0 4
Knights rcf106 1 149
Mustangs maxx4584 0 5
Rays clburns4784 0 4
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dreamcrushers reenum 0 2
Sharks bigmike007 0 8
Snowmen pitboss13 1 45
Tigers seattleace 6 72
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grunge bigdaddyhank 0 25
Seavers johnny6 0 27
Trappers reigny 0 311
Utah Seaguls MattDS01 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons dupala1 1 20
Coat Factory kmakice 0 19
Storm hartel 0 87
Vampyre nosferatu 4 141
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angry Birds wang35 5 48
Bandejos dyuen 11 81
Mashers nythrill 1 33
Scorpions pitinomen 5 71
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boomsticks Ryanlr88 0 0
Boozefighters TwoTimes82 0 18
Browns aggiedoc03 0 0
Cheyenne Coyotes cramsey62 0 0
World Chat
added to the trade block... Johnny Banks (B) Ismael Concepcion (LF) Kennie Hunter (P) Al Julio (P)
i was thinking that... Tomas Rivera (SS) could be had in trade for a good prospect.
The free agency market is not looking that great this season.
Here we go, I need to make room for 7-8 guys from AAA that I need to bring up. I am looking for real prospects, I cannot take back ML players unless they are younger/better than my current keepers. Th...
are now up on the trading block: Ivan Pena (LF), Hub Halladay (RF), Rickie Skole (SS), Hank Satterwhite (P), Alberto Ontiveros (P), Harry Bennett (P), and Derrick Bohanon (P).
Willing to give away Joaquin Bennett (B) with money for a low ceiling prospect, TC me if interested
Big tip: every page has a help button (yellow ?) and explains stuff for that page. This usually can explain just about everything you need.
I guess I didn't see it right. They were just on the lineup page and the pitchers page. They weren't actually added to the roster yet when I looked there. Very confusing. I do want to bring up...
Well if a player is out of options you need to Designate them for Assignment. Which means the player goes through waivers before you can demote them.
Through waivers means any other team in the league gets to claim that player. If everyone passes, then you get to keep the player, he goes off the 40-man, and you can assign him to any

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