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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buzzards HAWKEYEONE 2 226
Cool Papas cyben5150 6 91
Expos pat007ohmss 4 252
Prince ktryan 2 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colossus livysdaddy 6 79
Fighting Beagles Arte 1 202
Irish kcg67 1 80
Snow Blowers jimt14120 4 201
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Jaxx npg32433 0 117
Meteorites Tricklesee 1 31
Surf Riders IV POKEYSAN 21 393
Triple Threat billhowell75 16 648
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Atoms affvid 2 35
Drovers CarsonLA 0 30
Grizzlies sjpoker 1 71
Rough Riders AstonMyers 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Awfuls slurie2001 3 130
Bravos kmoyer 0 141
Huskies worthagoogle 1 32
Spinal Taps rayman2112 0 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Sox jceffali 7 128
Pounders axtell 20 356
Rebels mark102857 0 233
Red Hawks picc818 0 169
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Rangers dodgersrays 3 120
Snuff Spitters tlowster 0 24
Texas Holdems Cheno5 0 35
Tragedy Twins tragedy 4 83
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Billie Bonnies rockindock 2 207
Fluffheads coach_cutlip 0 23
Purple Dragons magicdreamer 0 64
Teslas Thunderlipsi 0 9
World Chat
31 innings in two games. At least I’m getting a good sample size of my level suck.
First 3 games, I give up 4 runs. Next 3 games, I give up 38... Crazy start!
Ha! Nevermind. We already got him in this season.
Philip Easley (P) is the # all time strike out leader. I am not on the Hall of Fame Committee next season, but that seems like a good place to start. This is assuming he is still eligible next seaso...
Tell me about it. Outscored 10-1 across four games.
Pretty tough way to start the season, getting dominated 3 games and then eking out a bulls-hit come from behind win...
Clark Langford (P) is itching for a new home with a contender.
For someone looking for a stop gap, average starting pitching, Cesar Benitez (P) is available. He will be starting the season in AAA. I will pick up half his salary or more depending on the prospec...
Good luck to everyone this year. Play to win. I hope the injury bug stays in relative hibernation - unless you have a 5 medical so you can overpay for internationals, then you deserve 60-day DL stints...
Still taking applications for next year's committee. We have two already and need one more. I would like to try it as long as it remains "successful". Good to see some deserving players...

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