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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears HAWKEYEONE 2 259
Lynx coach_chaos 1 80
Musty Mallards jhoege 0 45
Sad Sacks zigbi 22 144
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Atlantics Stewart_UK 4 253
Brahmins NormanW5 2 137
River 2xRedRaider 0 13
Rock Cats dhomard 5 119
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arlington River Rats AllSox 8 300
BlueDevils 72_max 1 17
Magnolias arcadecowboy 2 115
Racers rugrat 1 342
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arsenal dsmba 7 197
Artichokes timb116 10 181
Athletics McGirkTheJer 1 21
Highwaymen rquin9 7 292
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadiens dpierc5 1 102
ORCAS northof49 0 97
Sky Chiefs brickyard9 6 211
Wolfpack flbarons 0 171
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Acadians acn24 2 153
Liberty pete775 1 119
Strange JulieWinters 2 30
Weavers sinfonian11 2 136
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Academia de Beisbol zsiegri 15 160
Blues palet99 0 38
Lowered Fifths zlionsfan 0 135
Major Dudes majnun 9 84
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bonham Carters tenaciousdx 3 146
Sky Walkers mysticrain 4 116
Volcanoes techmobo 1 145
Webfoots chawkins11 3 176
World Chat
Trade block updated
thanks, peeps. Stopped checking in daily since it had been awhile and I have GD/HD going.
Stolmy Zapata (P) Jerad Freel (B) Wendell Brock (B) Daryle Robbins (B) Bennie Fletcher (RF) all available in trade.
Looks like we have a couple of owners who haven't logged in yet in August. Anyone have a way of reaching out to jhoege and/or zlionsfan?
Glenn Greer (LF) Brett Rose (SS) Dillon Groom (CF) Yasmani Nesbitt (B) Kazuhiro Iwamura (P) Rhiner Lee (P) Billy Milligan (P) available for good prospects
I have Carlos Benavente (SS) Bob Niemann (B) Salvador Camacho (B) available .
Yes, but usually for the worse.
I forget, do players on expiring contracts change their minds after budgets are finalized?
Gonna have plenty of salary cap space to add ML talent
The BlueDevils will be listening to any and all offers .... everything must go !!

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