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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears HAWKEYEONE 5 345
Lynx coach_chaos 1 105
Minotaurs jhoege 0 59
Sad Sacks zigbi 24 165
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brahmins NormanW5 2 163
Carter & Hayden Stewart_UK 5 281
Flying Squirrels dhomard 5 133
Spiders kujhawker 0 283
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arlington River Rats AllSox 9 360
Magnolias arcadecowboy 3 123
Racers rugrat 1 372
Roughnecks bigtex1 4 114
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Artichokes timb116 14 233
Athletics McGirkTheJer 1 43
Highwaymen rquin9 10 375
Manglers boogerpride 3 94
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadiens dpierc5 1 130
Sky Chiefs brickyard9 6 259
Wildcats carseneau 5 136
Wolfpack flbarons 1 319
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Fightins' 72_max 1 32
Liberty pete775 1 147
Strange JulieWinters 3 38
Weavers sinfonian11 2 172
Franchise Owner Titles Season
City Limits svick39 0 205
Giants purplehaze54 4 389
Major Dudes majnun 14 105
walking ins tui0job 3 128
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bonham Carter tenaciousdx 4 183
Trolley-dodgers jcarver67 0 212
Volcanoes techmobo 1 166
Whalers cdawg76 0 24
World Chat
I was honestly surprised to get him.
Nice get on Taillon, Jcarver. That's quite reasonable.
As mentioned before; I had 50+ players retire which already left my minors depleted. And then saw that the FA market was pretty low to begin with…….
.as is the case in another league I’m a part of……but in most leagues, there are plenty available! I also like to carry plenty for my minors and it’s so hard to do in this league……IMO, it’s worse to s...
I don't go out and sign many minor league FA's, but I do re-sign just about all of my own each season. Just helps keep the rosters deep enough.
..Next time I wont reply on my iphone, man that didnt come out right.. Owners in this world seem to care more about having well stocked minors teams.
IMO, owners in this world care more about having a well stockpile of minor filled, especially pitching when it they can get fatigued quick.
Just wondering……why do some leagues have an extensive amount of minor league FAs available, and others don’t?
I have a couple of solid RP that I am willing and ready to move. Looking for a couple prospects. If you are in need of a reliever or two, let me know.
Every player 30 and over, is available.

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