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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears HAWKEYEONE 2 283
Lynx coach_chaos 1 86
Musty Mallards jhoege 0 51
Sad Sacks zigbi 22 151
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brahmins NormanW5 2 143
Carter & Hayden Stewart_UK 4 261
Flying Squirrels dhomard 5 123
Winter 2xRedRaider 0 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arlington River Rats AllSox 8 317
BlueDevils 72_max 1 21
Magnolias arcadecowboy 3 118
Racers rugrat 1 352
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Artichokes timb116 11 197
Athletics McGirkTheJer 1 27
Dark Knights RodLyles66 0 2
Highwaymen rquin9 8 319
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadiens dpierc5 1 110
ORCAS northof49 0 99
Sky Chiefs brickyard9 6 223
Wolfpack flbarons 0 211
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Acadians acn24 2 161
Liberty pete775 1 125
Strange JulieWinters 2 32
Weavers sinfonian11 2 147
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues palet99 0 43
Lowered Fifths zlionsfan 0 139
Major Dudes majnun 11 92
Mighty Moles freesteagle 1 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bonham Carter tenaciousdx 3 156
Dodgers nc96484 0 2
Skinwalkers DiscoBiscuit 0 0
Volcanoes techmobo 1 151
World Chat
Gerardo Cueto (B) available for prospect. He is best suited for B or DH, has some pop and potential in his bat.
LOL you are probably right it would have been a glorious 17 player deal
I think you’ve had enough multi-trade trades this off-season :-p
How about 4?
If you're a nice person and want to trade me prospects for Fautino Feliz (LF),
a left fielder with power, durability, or Erubiel Pena (P), an SP, drop me a line. It's not a fire sale, so AAAA players aren't gonna get it done.
I like my guy Esmerling Cruz
Yeah, he may be the best coach I’ve seen at least for a long time, between his core stat and his loyalty.
Not without the rest of the equation.
Hmm, ya think Christopher Lewis can land BIG FISH...?

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