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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Antichrists DodgerBlue13 3 79
Cosmopolitans mdukes13 11 101
DirtBirds rfcurtis 0 52
Fat Cats cladouceur 0 51
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buschmenn zeustis01 8 140
Cucarachas spudley 1 46
Rookies SimSoxs 0 105
Tampons pajammies 3 80
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Astros Astro2019 0 0
Dingers rileyf1 1 171
Hipsters mathias04 1 64
Robots With No Money bbqjason 14 160
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadians flbarons 0 99
Others az99 0 36
Smoke michaelhking 0 3
Spitballers bugs318 0 13
Franchise Owner Titles Season
91ers raiders91sc 7 104
Crew foxspor54 1 146
Panthers cretins 3 104
Pilots Paige20 0 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubbies scarpio 0 4
Pirates axtell 20 336
Skyliners tedwilliams1 1 25
Surge deamon20 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Lightning diesel3350 7 119
Bulldogs burk 0 135
Heat Check dbreez 3 85
Rebels daahdeedaa 6 38
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boats GOEVANGO 0 5
Oceanside nvp 0 0
Tusken Raiders TAVoorhees 1 66
Volcanoes jrock1477 1 31
World Chat
If you're missing on FA, Al Gimenez (SS) and other MLers still available. Looking for younger prospects for the rebuild.
I'd also trade Andres Martin (C) for a corner outfielder.
Really weak imo
FA market is weak this year
Andres Martin (C) available for a relief pitcher or prospects.
Numerous young 1b available for prospects, check the trade block.
Homer Saunders (C) young all star catcher, decent d and excellent bat and cheap salary. Need prospects or pitching.
Also prospect Leonel Oliveros (C) . Too many catchers.
Randy Jackson (P) is on the block.
Offers are starting to trickle in for Hasegawa and others, but im not getting the prospect ace I was hoping for, as of yet. Will consider moving Yuu and/or others in a package for the best package of...

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