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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns HAWKEYEONE 3 309
DirtBirds rfcurtis 0 72
Fat Cats cladouceur 0 61
Shipbuilders davedesmond 1 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buschmenn zeustis01 25 218
Cucarachas spudley 1 56
Onslaught mowbs69 7 300
Temper Tantrums pajammies 6 140
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gators th11257 0 23
Gold Sox ampipe100 0 22
Nines booyaed99 2 51
Robots With No Money bbqjason 16 195
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadians flbarons 1 259
Iron Pigs jrobert77 2 40
Spitballers bugs318 0 23
Toros sjstapleton 0 174
Franchise Owner Titles Season
91ers raiders91sc 11 150
CHAZ sjurat 0 33
Pilots Paige20 0 140
Spankees BucksOwner 2 66
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls urbanjman 1 28
Pirates axtell 22 416
Polar Bears scottevans21 2 82
River Rats untitled201 0 9
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs burk 2 192
Heat Check jcarver67 0 184
Riches nittany88 3 107
Tacos Tommyball4 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Boats GOEVANGO 5 29
Giants goober1967 0 131
OKC Chiefs Austin0317 0 7
Volcanoes jrock1477 1 42
World Chat
Cleatus Merritt (P) Yoervis Moreno (P) Omar Maduro (P) Omar Torcato (P) Erubiel DeLeon (P)
I'm still willing to move some starters. I either want to package these guys for a top end starter, or move them for a closer.
Willing to move either Javier Morales (C) or Wandy Moya (C)
Juan Guerrero (C) , Kendrys Valdivia (C) , Graham Anderson (B) , Cesar Moreno (B) , David Diggins (B) and Welington Juarez (P) are all available.
I'm looking for solid ML relievers, starting 3B or a power hitter. Also willing to deal any minor league prospects. All players added to the trading block, trade chat me or make an offer.
Pepe Terrero (P) Danry Rijo (RF) Fred Hoffman (RF) are also on the block.
Johnnie Bottalico (B) Haywood Hardy (B) looking to move one of the two above players for quality prospect or prospects.
Looking to trade arbitration eligible Willis Hamilton (C) (who has won of the last gold gloves) , Chico Severino (B) and Joe Hyzdu (B) . Send offers if interested.
Definitely in rebuild mode - if you see any veterans on this team you are interested in TC me and lets deal - looking for prospects
Solid hitting, excellent eye catcher, seeking only $. in arb, available: Edgard Cedeno (C)

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