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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Capers Glory_Jays 0 8
Carnivores livysdaddy 6 69
Coffinmakers congobillie 0 53
Cubs NorCollo 0 29
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Sox Macattackiv 0 9
Fire Crackers drewster0 0 50
Road Warriors andyr104 6 231
Yankees brianj000013 3 57
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lumpies pitboss13 4 112
Nachos purpleaces 0 9
Red Sox jvargas 1 42
Tainos dwyck07 2 119
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cheyenne Hog Stranglers johnnyv22 0 0
Doyers ammopunk85 0 1
Hammers mikewcu 0 25
Mikes kmoyer 0 134
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Burning River kidcreeley 19 180
Reds tarvanites 1 20
Skywalkers 2000man 0 48
Stampede ehrich 0 26
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Golden Bears groverp 0 26
PickPockets EBzer 0 86
Showtime bigronnie 1 174
Street Hawkers gorshar 4 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Caines notrekane 0 29
Corgis mike22182 0 11
rebels demonchildme 0 93
Royals paulives 0 20
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers kblack2778 1 46
Frogs rich4cards 0 28
Ice Storm tbarden 0 111
Mighty Canucks daahdeedaa 7 59
World Chat
Thanks, Brian! Totally unexpected.
great series pitboss. I didn't want to have to play a 1st round and this is why. Well deserved and good luck going forward.
His defense kept him off the list. +0, -7
How can Dante Hong (B) not be a finalist for Rookie of the Year?
@creeley,nice,I wish there was a way for them to keep us informed of milestones.
Is it weird that im tryimg to not get home field as my away vs h0me record is so one sided i have a way better chance in the playoffs playing away
Just saw that Bill Kingston (P) has broken the record for saves in one season. Old record was , and he currently sits at .
Same here he might be the best player I have ever had and Im surprised he lasted this long with his injury history.
He's the best position player I've ever had. Mostly a locker room presence at this point.
Tejada was a beast, I like how you have kept him on the roster,Creeley.

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