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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Eagles stone7365 0 62
Flying Monkeys kimdog 0 25
Matterin' A-Holes Feamster 17 509
Polar Bears magicdreamer 0 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blaze rsmith215 1 43
Dreamliners blkhawkfan 0 27
Imperials njcomet 2 201
Wires bwb53 7 244
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BATS alebear 1 327
Bull Sharks eric1214 1 194
Pistoleros aaron_clarke 11 55
Toros bbrendo224 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
A's brianj000013 3 61
California Angels obiewon777 13 237
Rangers rsskfs23 0 155
Tigers purplehaze54 4 285
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Demons Sonofodin52 2 369
Metropolitans johnny6 0 68
Piranhas newmex 0 58
Rocks trbrew 0 64
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hammer NotoriousJ 1 82
Plebians danknuggz 4 119
Pubcrawlers swtddyrog 3 38
Torpedo mbooker 18 717
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls trev311 5 49
Mantequillas sjstapleton 0 146
Maple St. Monsters Josh_Exley 0 4
Warriors purpleaces 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beagles sdbeagle 0 50
Cyclones acesspade 5 76
Surf Riders II POKEYSAN 22 397
Wildcats LosGatos 0 6
World Chat
Howie Swarzak (P) available for comparable prospect
If anyone is looking to add to their bullpen, I am willing to part with either Stretch Stevens (P) or Dane Reynoso (P) or both. I wold be looking for prospects in return.
First semi-decent offer for Dean Lawrie (B) and he is yours. Need to clear some salary..
Looking to get rid of Geoffery Benson (LF) . Not looking for anything really. I will accept any offer that comes my way, which doesn't include me paying for any of his salary.
A's schedule before the AS break is all winning teams, mostly 1st place teams. brutal stretch. hoping for .500
Anyone want to give me some kind of value for Dennis Johnson (P) ?
Willie Taylor (B) is available. Looking for a prospect. Still making minimum salary and a great hitter with plus B fielding
Sister league 7jerry7 has rolled to season 47 with just 2 openings. Long running, no drama league, with max flexibility to build your team. All here are welcome. Jump in with password: Mikie Twitche...
On second thought. The franchise is pretty rough. Will try and get all of pitchers off of 0. The Low A squad actually only had one pitcher on the roster and he was on the 60-day DL. But he did sign 9...
Glad to be here. Hmmmm, the Bull Sharks are 7-3 on AI in the last 10 so I may not be necessary.. ha ha

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