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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Automakers simonlittle 0 36
Silver Sox amiller41 0 15
Skillz skilly006 1 36
Storm ejumper 0 3
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hodges/Stengel larr1000 0 7
Jumbo Shrimp trf70 0 37
Rebels bleader 0 27
Renegades tswayne11 3 121
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Coping Mechanisms jazzurb 8 200
Liberals cshake93 1 61
Stale Cornbread gorshar 4 169
Wranglers burton2231 0 121
Franchise Owner Titles Season
2 Men dshimoda 2 139
Bulls junedog 0 1
Coasters jbburner 0 108
Water Dogs jmaese 3 231
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Knickerbockers madhungarian 0 38
Maroons jcarver67 0 126
Muppets Mkebraves_57 3 18
Rockers jesse1 5 133
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers dabomb163783 0 127
Walk Offs steelforge 11 164
Whalers b00gm0nster 1 55
Wicked Pissah keltic44 0 60
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Climate Deniers nfernaljones 0 24
Hombres Azul sneekes 9 182
Jayhawks loosecc 0 233
Tomcats krisr 0 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears olemiss33 15 229
Edmans kidcreeley 21 188
Slammers rschaitkin 0 57
Thunder hordel 4 15
World Chat
hordel offered him to me for the same or less and I rejected it. He has been rebuilding all year. I did not have an issue.
Every opinion matters. one owner one vote.
Do I give up too much? Probably. But I’m playing for the future and trying to get young pitching. Literally no one has had any interest in Escobar and Scott’s PC is too low to be a catcher long ter...
Im new here and my opinion may not matter, but can someone explain that trade to me?
If you're looking to upgrade your pitching, ultra-useful SP Emil Kelly (P) can be had for a prospect with decent upside. Kelly's deal includes a team option for next year so great flexibilit...
Rickey world needs four.
Anyone looking to make a trade? I have a couple of quality ML bats on my bench who deserve more AB's and I still have a ML SP available as well. I'm looking to upgrade my starting SS, 2B, an...
The AL East is going to be extremely tough again this's the only division where all 4 teams are over .500...
Apparently loading your roster with players who have great ratings is NOT the way to go.
Juan Escobar (LF) can be had. He's hitting ./. this year. Willing to re-sign for .M a year or you can let him hit FA where he'll likely be a Type A free agent. Great value here.

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