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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Panthers rschaitkin 0 120
PawSox keltic44 1 125
Silver Sox amiller41 4 38
Storm ejumper 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
21s drummer_66 1 110
New Jerseys keithjs 5 122
Red Sox bigronnie 1 320
Renegades tswayne11 6 167
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gray Foxes Bcr731 1 46
Liberals cshake93 2 138
Stale Cornbread gorshar 11 266
Wranglers burton2231 0 173
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avalanche schnipper 2 123
Baseball mannytanner 1 145
II Men dshimoda 3 196
Lions shiffy 1 170
Franchise Owner Titles Season
AllStarIncs AllStarInc 0 62
Knickerbockers madhungarian 0 63
Maroons jcarver67 0 220
Wavier Claims hystericslap 14 188
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers dabomb163783 1 180
Scrappers Okie22 0 0
Walk Offs steelforge 13 232
Whalers b00gm0nster 2 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hombres Azul sneekes 11 231
Jayhawks loosecc 0 309
Sting flbarons 1 341
Tomcats krisr 1 125
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears olemiss33 17 281
Cardinals PaleHose72 0 49
Kojimachi jk27 1 94
Wildcats hordel 5 30
World Chat
Looking to move once good pitcher Earl Freeman (P) he hasn’t pitched well since coming to Pawtucket. Not looking for much in return but salary cap space.
Willie DeRojas (B) and Steve Selby (P) are available
I have a few young Starting Pitchers available. I'm looking for a solid bat who can play catcher, SS, or CF. Take a look at my Trade Block and let me know if you're interested.
Beat the Free Agent rush and trade for these arbitration-eligible guys. Tyson Haren (C) has a career . OPS with a nice CS%. Jason Terrell (B) is a useful speed/defense B or CF.
Andres Mendoza (SS) has a world-class glove with some speed. Ariel Santos (P) has been awful, not gonna lie, but ratings say he should perform better. Not looking for much for any of these guys as th...
In addition to Ronny Kirkman (P), Jake Incaviglia (P) is available if anyone is looking for a back-of-the-rotation starter with stamina and control.
Benjamin Ladendorf (B)
Available: Benjamin Ladendorf
(B) Daryl Denham (RF) Stretch Campbell (B) Wilmer DeLeon (LF) Bono Gil (P) Merv Berry (P) Tony Sasaki (P) Gerald Burawa (P) Rett Stavinoha (P)
Okie- The ball is in your court. I'm not forcing you out...but I don't want you to feel uncomfortable either.... We're looking for someone who wants to stay on beyond this Season. Knowin...

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