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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Highlanders yanksrule11 1 27
Horsefeathers mdukes13 11 102
Indians JCOCHESS 0 87
Pilots cwc134 2 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers clark9jhu 0 25
Flying Nuns nfernaljones 0 11
Knights tswayne11 3 107
orioles loosecc 0 217
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Balls O' Fire Feamster 15 486
Jacks avanslyke18 4 67
Titty Committee jimbojones55 8 53
Wahoos jaydodson 0 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cyclones acesspade 3 67
Golden Gophers stach14 0 17
Missionaries shesaid 7 240
Savage Th3Moos3 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canaries krisr 0 54
Lumberjacks cshake93 1 48
Ravens Smokey9 0 0
Tide nova20147 3 116
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Braves atrain9954 0 38
EliteDucks jdrake27 4 182
Ice Sox mysticrain 3 90
Lancers bagpipes28 2 179
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crawdads skippy_emt 0 27
Crew drummer_66 0 45
Jugglers jimmy1217 0 52
We Have A Problem tarvis614 1 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees Robert1982 0 18
Cookies nbaker10 0 20
Mighty Dux gobosox514 4 44
Sharks blackmeridia 0 0
World Chat
For a team actually in a race I have some pitchers that could help... Grady Tyson (P) , Yunel Quintanilla (P) , Gary Booker (P)
Good set-up pitcher avail.: Darrell Maine (P)
Funny to see the stolen base leaders. Usually you would think the NL is the speed league, but the top 5 AL teams all have more than the #1 NL team.
Looking for a good hitting SS. Prefer good power ratings, even if contact not so good. Should be able to defend his position. Have salary to spare and a vet is ok.
FYI- the trade between San Jose and I is a salary dump for my 1st rd pick. Not collusion or anything like that, just need to clear up space. Please don’t veto.
Wow, he’s the Whatif Kyler Murray. $13,050,000!?
Forgot to mention that Mikey Frank (B) has a team option next year with a buyout of $.M
Well... he did it. Lon LaTorre (P) is interested in playing pro ball but is trying to extort me for more money,
and I'm gonna let him. I need to clear an additional $M in cap space, so there's a unique offer on the table for all yall (I see plenty of you have the cap space). Need to move MVP candidate...
Frank (B) , and two of the following players: Ray Bruske (RF) , Damaso Mendoza (P) , Lonny Mendoza (P) , Alex Ming (P) , Esmerling Pineiro (P) , or Deacon Corey (P) . Primary

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