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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM EST

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 7:00 PM EST.

With the recent introduction of player issues, this is your chance to ask us about it.

About how many dilemmas will a team see on average per season? (kelby_03 - Hall of Famer - 7:01 PM)

There's no set answer to that one - just like real life, it will depend on what types of player's you recruit.

Will we beable to start the recruiting process the same way we do with GD? By that I mean will be able to scout ahead and select the players that we want to recruit before the recruiting actually begins? (jfja76 - Hall of Famer - 7:02 PM)

Eventually yes, you'll be able to see recruits during the prior season.

Will school's take a coach's discipline rating under consideration when deciding whether to hire him or not? (jpritchard - Hall of Famer - 7:04 PM)

Currently no, the hiring process does not look at discipline rating.

Will new recruits favor coaches with certain discipline ratings? (infinitebob - Hall of Famer - 7:04 PM)

Yes, if you are very strict, that will likely lead to less problems for you to deal with but it may also make it harder for you to recruit while on the other hand, if you're lenient, you may have an easier time recruiting but you may have to deal with more issues.

Is it more likely for a 3.0 or higher GPA player to have less problems than a player under 3.0 GPA? (kelby_03 - Hall of Famer - 7:07 PM)

GPA is not the best measure of whether a player will be trouble or not. Currently you should be reading the types of responses you're getting, including the evaluation visits to get a better idea. In addition, we're adding 3 new recruiting tools for you: call the recruit's current coach, have the player talk to a psychologist and you'll also be able to order a personality test.

usually i'm not near a computer on weekends. if i don't visit the HD site for three days at a time, will dilemma situations expire with me facing consequences for not acting on aged dilemmas in time? (kcsundevil - Hall of Famer - 7:08 PM)

Yes, they potentially could. In the future, you'll be able to hire assistant coaches which will be able to make decisions for you. Those assistants will have a style of discipline associated with them so you should hire one that matches your own style.

How severe are these dilemmas going to be? We won't be looking at Carlton Dotson-type scenarios, will we? (mike45 - Hall of Famer - 7:10 PM)

It will mirror real life - during any given season you may see a handful of drug charges, numerous fights, lots of late to practices, a handful of DUIs, 1 or 2 rape allegations, etc.

Will their be a definite tradeoff between being a strict coach (and getting players to improve faster) and being a lax coach (and recruiting players more easily but having them improve slower)? (jakurus - Hall of Famer - 7:12 PM)

There will be tradeoffs, but not when it comes to player improvement.

When initially implemented, will the decisions actually have any impact on recruit response, player attitudes, and such? I know in GD it was (maybe still is) set up so there was no impact on anything except our discipline rating (that is, a recruit wouldn't decide you were too strict for him and spurn your recruitment efforts) to start. (groomsie - Hall of Famer - 7:14 PM)

Your discipline will have an impact on recruiting - of course everyone is starting at moderate so you won't see much impact in the short-term.

How much will the information gathered during recruiting play into the actual dilemmas that occur during the season or in a player's career? I have avoided all players suspected of criminal behavior but it doesn't seem to have hurt anyone who signed those players. (ctown heroes - Newbie - 7:16 PM)

You can sign a kid who was bad news in high school and not have a problem with him in college (or at least you're able to cover them up). You're just playing the odds though - if you want to run a squeaky clean program, it starts with recruiting.

What are the consequences of doing nothing, in response to a dilemma? (If I'm off-line for a week and I don't respond to a dilemma) (infinitebob - Hall of Famer - 7:17 PM)

Depends on the issue - if you have a player start a fight in practice and you choose to do nothing, the other players may think he's getting preferential treatment - especially if you'd suspended the last player who got into a fight. Or, it could have little impact - guy is late for practice and you don't do anything probably won't cause any major ripples.

just 1 question for you admin will we see more then 1 thing right off the top or it will be the GD thing and players just late for practice. (krs96 - Hall of Famer - 7:19 PM)

You'll probably be seeing more than just late for practices right out of the gate. Dilemmas have not been activated yet as we wanted to have this chat prior to turning them on.

Will we receive immediate feedback on the results of our decision? (bostonbob - Prospect - 7:20 PM)

Depends - for some actions, e.g. suspension or kicking a kid off the team, yes - that will happen immediately. For others, your decision may cause another action which you will need to respond to.

We have heard about Decisions as an upcoming addition for several months now. Great job getting them ready for us, Its greatly appreciated. What were some of the issues you experienced that caused such a delay? What was the most difficult aspect of Decisions to get right before they can be released? (dherz_263 - Hall of Famer - 7:23 PM)

They've been available in GD for months now, we wanted to wait to make sure that everything was working fine before we incorporated them into HD. The biggest cause for the slowdown was the deal with Fox. Now that the deal has closed, you'll be seeing more enhancements added to HD at a much quicker pace.

Admin, What are the secondary ramifications / benefits of our decisions? Will they affect recruiting, other team members’ work ethics, etc? (bmill23 - Hall of Famer - 7:24 PM)

As mentioned recruiting may be impacted based on how you treat your players. You certainly can positively or negatively impact the player in question and/or the rest of the team based on the decisions you make as well.

What is the balance to all this negativeness for our teams? How about "good fortune" to balance it out. (peacemaker11 - All-Star - 7:26 PM)

There is plenty of "good" in the game - conference awards, all-americans, etc. Not to say you won't have positive issues to deal with as well, but the primary focus is to have HD coaches deal with the same types of issues real coaches deal with. Of course - the type of player you recruit is completely up to you.

Will the decisions effect existing players on teams or just recruits from this day forward? (thethrill10 - Hall of Famer - 7:27 PM)

Both existing players and incoming recruits.

How long will we get to respond to these and also when will they appear. (majresorter - Hall of Famer - 7:27 PM)

Normally you'll have 24 hours to make a decision.

Will the new recruiting things have an impact in recruiting OR just us learning about the player? (jbrehm - Hall of Famer - 7:28 PM)

Both, but primarily learning about the player.

Will our AD ever overrule our decisions? (Weena - Hall of Famer - 7:28 PM)

Yes, it's possible the AD may overrule a decision you have made.

What are the benefits of being a strict disciplinarian? Why not just let you players do what they want and keep them happy? (friar27 - Pro - 7:29 PM)

You open yourself up to more problems to deal with which may drag down your reputation (see Jerry Tarkanian)...

Will every school have to make decisions or will scholls like Duke and Princeton always stay clean and the UC and UNLV's have more issuses to deal with? (cokeman - Hall of Famer - 7:29 PM)

You're the coach - if you want to bring in 'shady' types into your program, you'll have to pay the price, regardless of your school.

Will those cool new recruiting tools be expensive options and will their ever be a need to do multiple tests or does one usually do the trick? (thethrill10 - Hall of Famer - 7:31 PM)

There is an expensive option which will be much more detailed and there will be a much less expensive option which will be hit or miss.

When will the dilemmas start then? Tonight? (kelby_03 - Hall of Famer - 7:32 PM)

They will most likely start this weekend as we're also implementing coaching awards so both of those changes will go out at the same time.

Will the Sim AI schools face the same dilemmas? If I have to suspend someone then they should too. (Weena - Hall of Famer - 7:33 PM)

No, computer schools will not face dilemmas.

I have recruited numerous players who didn't show any problems in evals or feedbacks, but when they sign the AD says "Watch him because his brother associates with known gamblers." Will we be able to see any family histories that we need to worry about? (Weena - Hall of Famer - 7:34 PM)

We've updated the AD's message to more indicative of any "rumors" surrounding your recent signee.

With all the new options being put in, will we have a bigger budget? (cokeman - Hall of Famer - 7:35 PM)


Is the recent increase in the rate of injuries related in any way to the implementation of Dilemnas? (ajwalton - Hall of Famer - 7:36 PM)

There has been no change to the frequency of injuries nor do injuries have anything to do with dilemmas.

What is it about the questions I ask you that compels you to not answer them? I've submitted 3 questions that deal with the "dilemmas" topic and no response! I've seen you answer the same question 3 times yet no answer to mine. (bubbers - Hall of Famer - 7:37 PM)

If someone else has already asked the same question and we've answered it then we won't re-answer the same question from someone else. If you have a different question, ask away.

If a player comes to me first about a crime he committed, will I be forced to decide between protecting him, calling the police, or forcing him to confess on his own? (r0b0t - Hall of Famer - 7:40 PM)


Will past recruits that seemed squeky clean probably not face as many dilemma's, or is there a good chance that past recruits will all pretty much be treated the same? (thethrill10 - Hall of Famer - 7:41 PM)

The odds are less that you'll have any problems with them.

Will any dilemmas cause injuries to any of our players? For example, Joe Jones broke his hand in an after hours fight. (Weena - Hall of Famer - 7:42 PM)

Yes, possibly.

I've received some responses about a brother of my recruit being involved in gambling, Is there an instance of any current or previous player "shaving points"? If not, will that be an added feature? (bubbers - Hall of Famer - 7:43 PM)

No, currently point shaving is not a possible dilemma, but that may be added down the road.

Will dilemmas also include sitations like players being diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, heart failure, etc? (friar27 - Pro - 7:44 PM)

We do not plan on killing any players...yet ;)

What will the personality test show or tell you about the player you are recruiting? (cokeman - Hall of Famer - 7:45 PM)

It will give you information on how the player rates with regards to different facets of his personality and any potential problem areas to watch out for.

Will the psychologist and personality tests piss off the recruits? (silverpaw - Hall of Famer - 7:46 PM)

No, they'll be fine with them.

What kind of information will the 3 new recruting tools provide to us? (AceCards - Hall of Famer - 7:48 PM)

All will provide some insight into the player's offcourt behavior to some extent.

will it always be my best player who runs into problems just before I play my rival or will my mop up player also be a criminal? (gull1 - Hall of Famer - 7:49 PM)

A crappy basketball player doesn't necessarily equate to a model citizen and vice versa.

Will there ever be multiple players involved in a dilemma or will it just be one player at a time? (Weena - Hall of Famer - 7:51 PM)

Currently dilemmas are associated with an individual player only.

Thanks for taking the time to post your questions.

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