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Friday, June 27, 2008

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

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Engine version 3.7.0 has been released. The changes are listed with the release notes.

How were the shooting fouls and assist logic changed and what will this in turn affect or show up in game play? (z0601 - Hall of Famer - 6:34 AM)

We had noticed the number of free throw attempts relative to the number of fouls had gone up since the last release and we've made adjustments to bring that back in line. The assists logic is not changing, just the percentage of field goals made so you should end up seeing more assists but the same average FGM per game.

Will these changes come into effect for the current Knight season? (tmacfan12 - Hall of Famer - 6:38 AM)

Yes, the first world to use the engine will be World 9 (Knight).

OK, first question, when exactly does your tempo change under each setting? Anytime there's a lead change? Does it depend on the time w/n the game relative to the differential in scoring? (taz21 - Hall of Famer - 6:47 AM)

Based on your setting, the tempo can begin to auto-adjust anytime in the 2nd half and whether it will or not is based on your auto-adjust setting, the time remaining, the score and your current tempo. Your late game settings will always over-ride any auto-tempo adjustments.

When it says "altered shots" do you mean going up for a lay up, then having to adjust how the player shoots, or something else? (indiansrck27 - Hall of Famer - 6:55 AM)

Altered shots refers to play by play added to indicate when a player causes the miss - not getting the block but altering the shot to lead to a miss.

Regarding the auto-adjusting of tempo, if you are running a slowdown offence, and it's not working after the 1st half (ie down by 15 points), will it auto-adjust your offence back to normal, or even uptempo to start the 2nd half? (homrbush - Hall of Famer - 6:59 AM)

Yes, that's exactly how it works. In real life, a team who's plan was to slow the game down isn't going to keep milking the clock when they're down by 20 in the 2nd half and vice versa.

Notice says that stamina was not being impacted by injuries before but will be now It had been a forum fact that all ratings are reduced by the % effectiveness shown for the injured player - reduce each rating by say 10% of the injured player is at 90% - was stamina NOT affected in that way? were/are other ratings affected in that way? (fd343ny - Hall of Famer - 1:48 PM)

Stamina was the only area not being impacted by playing at a health below 100%.

When the tempo changes, what does it change to if the tempo is at normal? (jaggedendz - Hall of Famer - 1:49 PM)

It depends on whether you are winning or losing - if you have set the tempo to normal but you're up by 20 with 9 minutes to play, it may switch you to slowdown or if you're down by 20, it may switch you to uptempo.

Auto pace adjustment - upon further review ... hmm. I liked this option until I read it again. The engine determines when it is appropriate????? How difficult would it have been for the coach to determine when it's appropriate. (mullycj - Hall of Famer - 2:01 PM)

We considered that but it's actually quite difficult because there are multiple variables at play - e.g. if you wanted your team to switch from normal to slowdown when you're up by [20 points or more] with [15 minutes or less] to play, it doesn't take into consideration being up 19 points with 8 minutes to play and in reality, the latter is more appropriate for switching to slowdown. We'd need a nearly infinite list for users to choose from to be prepared for every possible situation in a game.

This method is checking constantly and can make multiple changes to tempo based on the situation, e.g. it may take you from uptempo to normal when you're 20 points with 15 to play and then take you to slowdown when you're up 19 with 8 minutes to play.

You mention that altered shots will now show in the pbp. Is it safe to assume that the key factor in altering a shot is Block rating? Is this just a cosmetic change, or something that we should be more focused on going forward? (mlatsko1 - Hall of Famer - 2:03 PM)

That's correct - it's a combination of block rating, speed, athelticism, IQ and defensive rating. This was already occuring in the engine, it's just that coaches couldn't see the value of having a good shot blocker other than actual blocks.

the notice says "IQ will play less of an impact in scoring and more of an impact in turnovers and fouls" When you say that IQ will have less of an impact on scoring, I am confused - I thought scoring was the result of 100 variables - all those ratings, settings - etc - if IQ will have less of an effect on "scoring" which variables do you mean? shooting ability? positioning? what is being changed, because it has been gospel that there is NOT a "scoring" variable (fd343ny - Hall of Famer - 2:06 PM)

That's correct, there is not a "scoring" attribute - scoring is comprised of many skills, of which IQ plays a role. This change is decreasing the role of IQ in scoring relative to the other attributes, e.g. athelticism, low post, speed, ball handling, perimeter.

Do I understand correctly that double teams will now be listed in the pbp? (martin71a - Hall of Famer - 2:09 PM)

Doubleteams have always been noted in the play by play, what's changing is only when a team is under a fullcourt press, the trap and open shots weren't being explicitly stated but they will now.

Will the tempo ever go from uptempo to slow-down, or vice versa? (taz21 - Hall of Famer - 2:10 PM)

I can not think of a situation where that would be possible - tempo should only be able to change 1 level at a time.

what is the reasoning behind changing IQ effectiveness? Also, when you say that they will have "more of an impact in turnovers and fouls" is that both is committing and causing them? to the same degree? (nfet - Hall of Famer - 2:12 PM)

This is the 2nd phase to address the issue of making incoming players more effective in the game and not relying solely on upperclassmen. A low IQ will [normally] lead to more fouls and increased turnovers than the same player with a high IQ. A low IQ will [normally] not lead to causing more turnovers by the opposing team.

W/ the IQ adjustment, does that mean if a frosh comes in and has the exact same skill set as a senior, he should be able to put up 10ppg, just like the senior, but turn it over a few more times? (taz21 - Hall of Famer - 2:14 PM)

Not quite, IQ will still have some impact. In that example, the freshman would up slightly less offensive numbers with a low IQ than an identically rated senior with a high IQ.

What would be a negative effect of using auto adjusted pace. (tmacfan12 - Hall of Famer - 2:19 PM)

Just like in real life, if you have a lead and it takes you from normal to slowdown, while it will allow you to milk the clock, it also let the other team get back in the game by keeping players fresher and vice versa, if you're normally a slowdown team with not a very deep bench, going to uptempo may not be the best chance you have to get back into the game.

"tempo should only be able to change 1 level at a time." - But if you start the game at Uptempo and you build a big lead, is it likely that the engine would adjust down to normal and then down to slowdown, with in a short time period? (mlatsko1 - Hall of Famer - 2:20 PM)

Tempo changes wouldn't start until the 2nd half, but if you're up by 30 to start the 2nd half, it may quickly shift you into normal and if you keep building the lead, shift you into slowdown.

A. Pace Adjustments 1. what are the basic definitions of winning, losing and anytime 2. will this apply throughout the game or only late? 3. does winning/losing mean by 1 point or by some combination of point difference and time remaining or something else 4. what does adjust anytime mean? what would trigger such adjustments 5. do these adjustments toggle - if you catch up does it go back or does it stick once adjusted (mamxet - Hall of Famer - 2:25 PM)

Winning, losing and anytime should be interpreted literally. Anytime just means either winning or losing. Tempo can shift at anytime based on the margin and time remaining - for example, if you're up by 20 with 10 minutes to play and it shifts you to slowdown, you're not stuck there if the other team makes a comback. I believe the other questions have already been answered above.

Is the new "auto adjust pace" a signifigant game control, or is it more along the lines of the "defensive positioning" control...only for close games and smart coaches? (nfet - Hall of Famer - 2:26 PM)

I don't know how siginficant it will be but personally, I can't think of a situation (yet) that I will not use it.

How is the IQ not affecting a players shooting ability different from the previous engine? Does this mean we should be looking at players differently during recruiting as well? (z0601 - Hall of Famer - 2:27 PM)

I would recruit the exact same way, players that could score before will continue to score, that's not changing, only the role of IQ is changing.

Is the altered shot addition something that is going to show up in the stat line or is it only in the pbp? (z0601 - Hall of Famer - 2:28 PM)

Only in the play by play. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a stat category for altered shots.

can you explain "improved logic to calculate blowout situations"? (indiansrck27 - Hall of Famer - 2:30 PM)

The engine always has to calculate when the game becomes a 'blowout' for numerous reasons (playing backups more, mopup players, etc.), we're just using a new algorithim to determine when a game reaches blowout level and that same logic is also being used to dictate what tempo a team should be running their offense at.

Concerning the press double team.. is the effectiveness of a press double team calculated the same as if 2 man to man defenders were to double team someone. And do you expect us to be alarmed by the frequency that we see the double teaming in the new pbp, while running a press? (mlatsko1 - Hall of Famer - 2:33 PM)

Yes, it's the same logic. What differs is whether the defense is able to effectively trap since they're chasing the ball while in a man to man, they're already assigned a defensive target to double. That is done by comparing the the offensive team's speed, ball handling, athleticism, IQ and passing ability to the pressing team's speed, athleticism, etc. If a team is very fast and athletic and they're pressing a slow, poor ballhandling team (for example), you're going to see many more traps in the pbp and many less open shots.

As always, thanks for taking the time to post your questions.

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