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Friday, June 3, 2005

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

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Friday, June 3, 2005 at 7:00 PM EST.

Here's your chances to ask questions about Clutch Dynasty that aren't answered in the FAQ.

What do each of the ratings for drivers and crew chiefs mean and are there any that are more important then the others? (colson55555 - Hall of Famer - 7:17 PM)


  • passing - Ability to see and maximize passing opportunities. Also factors into excecuting a pass.
  • drafting - Ability to effectively draft another car and use that draft to gain speed.
  • blocking - Ability to hold back the pack.
  • experience - General knowledge of racing techniques and tracks.
  • stamina - How the drivers abilities hold up over the length of the race.
  • charisma - Drivers with high charisma will have a better chance to stay on the good side of other drivers as well as being able to secure bonuses from sponsors.
  • reaction - The driver's reaction speed. (i.e. how well he avoids wrecks, how quick he is on and off the throttle)
  • work ethic - same as the other sports.

What roll does crew chief leadership play within the sim? (spit_ballerz - Hall of Famer - 7:20 PM)

crew chiefs

  • engine- cc's knowledge of engines (fixing,bulding, etc).
  • aero - cc's knowledge of body building/aerodynamics.
  • frame - '' '' of frame ''
  • experience- cc's experience in racing. This factors into him being able to source the cheapest parts and trouble shoot issues
  • leadership - cc's ability to keep the rest of the crew in line and on task wether it be on the track or in the garage
  • pit speed - How fast the crew (pit,building, maintenance) can get things done.
  • pit skill - The skill of the cc's crew. No matter how great the cc is he can't get it done with out a knowledgeable crew.
  • work ethic - same as the other sports

How much of the car customization will be visualized? Will we be able to customize logo placement, change colors of our car, change the car's number, etc.? (kinetica - Pro - 7:23 PM)

How much of the car customization will be visualized? Will we be able to customize logo placement, change colors of our car, change the car's number, etc.? (kinetica) The initial plan was to have a mini application that allowed users to create their car (designs, color schemes, logos etc.) However, that fell through :/. So in the interm we plan develop multiple car images (like the ones you see now that are only make specific) for users to choose from. This addition may not make it in by the end of this first season but it is on the way.

I find the driver and crewchief ratings a little hard to decipher. Let's say my team has a Dodge car (big HP, low handling) I need a driver and crewchief who are strong in traction/handling skills to help compensate, or should their strengths and weaknesses be the same as those of the car? (just so i don't shoot myself in the foot right off the bat) (will_prosper - Hall of Famer - 7:26 PM)

I have had alot of these types of questions and my answer is - It depends. It depends on your teams strategies. I have tried very hard to make it so that EVERY attribute matters and that there will be multiple winning strategies. You could try to get a driver and a CC that would balance out your big HP to have a fairly balanced team, or you could get a driver and a cc to add to and take advantage of having a big HP platform.

Why can we not see the list of other owners in our division/world, like we can in other games? Could the teams and owners possibly all be listed on the standings page even before the season begins (we will just all be tied at 0)? (will_prosper - Hall of Famer - 7:29 PM)

This was an oversight on my part. It is something that is definitely on my list of things to get done. However, there are some other things that will be more important to you and your teams that I would like to get done before adding initial standings in.

Can you give some order of magnitude or reasonable ranges of the cost of some the more common expenses, such as salaries, repairs, etc? (labs1974 - All-Star - 7:33 PM)

Can you give some order of magnitude or reasonable ranges of the cost of some the more common expenses, such as salaries, repairs, etc? (labs1974) The salaries are dependant on the contracts you give out. Repairs/Overhaul/Build costs are also hard to nail down. They are dependent on the stats of your crew chief. I don't want to try to give out any ball park numbers because I can't gurantee that your costs will be close to that. If you are worried about budget problems the best thing to do is to make sure that your sponsor pay is in line with your crew contracts. (i.e. don't have big money contracts and sponsors that don't pay out that much and try to keep sponsor requirements inline with crew requirements).

Why do sponsers have higher dollar amounts for $/race and $ bonus on the comparison page as opposed to the their profile page? Will they be sponsoring more than one team? (labs1974 - All-Star - 7:35 PM)

Some sponsors share the same name but act as independent entities. So NFL Sim Leagues might have 5 listings all with different expectations. As we fill in with more sponsor name variety you will see less of this.

I am still a little bit unsure about the sponser requirements, particularily what the qualifying/finishing requirements mean. If you could explain that a bit I would appreciate it. For example in the northwest region there is a sponser i was looking at called red's bar and grill (or something like that), and for finishing requirement it just named another sponser in the region. Does that mean that you would have to finish above the car that has that other particular sponser? Thanks, Kyle128084 (kyle128084 - Hall of Famer - 7:39 PM)

Exactly. When the requirements list another sponsor you have to beat that sponsor to fullfill the requirement. It should be notied that the sponsor name is click able and brings up that sponsors profile. If a team signs with that sponsor then that teams name will be shown on the sponsors profile. If no team signed with that sponsor or your sponsor has no requirements then just making it to race day is good enough to get the bonuses.

With the other WiS dynasty games, players can practice specific areas that need improvement. In CRD, how is this handled? For example, if I sign a crew chief that needs to work specifically on his aero skills, how is this accomplished? (spit_ballerz - Hall of Famer - 7:42 PM)

CRD will have team and crew additions that can be purchased. These things range from books to seminars. As you can imagine some of them will stay with your team no matter what crew you have and others will go with that particular crew member. Additionally, just like the other dynasty games the people evolve and learn from doing.

For any individual sponser window there are values for $/race, bonus/Race, etc. When the detail is clicked on for that same sponser, the values change. Why? (spit_ballerz - Hall of Famer - 7:45 PM)

Ahh.. actually that is a bug. It will be fixed with monday's update. There is a division modifier that isn't being applied for the compare window.

Which skills for which crew members factor into qualifying success or failure? (24heel - Hall of Famer - 7:50 PM)

For the crew chief all of them. (Seriously.) Those that don't go into the actual qualifying laps go into making the parts. For the drivers experience, reaction, stamina (alittle), and work ethic.

Will the schedule be posted before recruiting starts? It would be nice to know the tracks we will be racing on before deciding which Driver and Chief to hire. (ttnorm - Hall of Famer - 7:55 PM)

No, currently the schedule gets posted with a few days left in recruiting. The season schedules are totally random from year to year, so putting together a good team for one year could ruin you the next. Additionally, you will probably be taking the same crew members to the next level (obviously this is dependant on contract lengths) so I would go more for a strategy (dominate short tracks, max power, balanced team, older team members, developing promising crew... etc)

Will there be a time where we can own several cars in the same divsion or for that matter a car in each division? So that we can bring drivers along to replace drivers who are getting old ? (fordstoo - All-Star - 7:59 PM)

Initially no, but it was in mind during the development and it is something that we would like to add down the line. The biggest problem with that is that the CRD worlds are small compared to the other sports. So having alot of multi team owners cuts down on the number of players we can get into the worlds. Once we get enough worlds though I am sure that this is something that we will do.

Jay, will it be possable to sign a sponser from another region at the same level. (twmiles - All-Star - 8:00 PM)

No, regional sponsors are confined to their region. National sponsors will sign regional teams however.

the money that we win, will we be able to take that and the driver and crew chief to the next level if we choose. (twmiles - All-Star - 8:01 PM)


since we can build new engines and stuff, will there be a limit to any amount that a team can own? (twmiles - All-Star - 8:03 PM)

Yes and no. At this point the only thing limiting teams is time and money. However, teams will be required to buy additional space later on as part of the additions portion of the game.

As we advance levels, is there an option to switch car types? Say we have a chevy now, could we run a Dodge at another level? (bronco2rings - Hall of Famer - 8:06 PM)

As we advance levels, is there an option to switch car types? Say we have a chevy now, could we run a Dodge at another level? (bronco2rings) Currently there is no option to change car types. I want to get that added in with possible consequences ofcourse. (maybe if you are a winning owner and you switch from chavy to dodge, dodge would give you a kick back but chevy would feel slighted and your rep might drop.. or if you are a loosing team dodge may not want you making their platform look bad... the options are endless : )

Any plans on being able to choose a car number? (teemaster - All-Star - 8:09 PM)

No, car numbers have been brought up a few times. I am hesitant to do it because of the hassle associated with it. There would need to be all types of moderation with the numbers and teams moving up (or down) and new teams coming into the world.

How long is each season and will there be a "race of champions" at the end? (lukagirl - Hall of Famer - 8:16 PM)

Season length depends on the division. I would have to look up the exact number for division 4 (elite) but I think it is 32 with a few days worth of break in the middle. There is an explination of the schedule in the FAQ in which I looked up the numbers as I wrote it. I definitely want to do a race of champions to give the lower level teams another chance to win some money and get a taste of some different competition. I was thinking about taking the top 10 teams from division 4 and then throwing them in daytona or one of the other Cup tracks for an end of the season race. Depending on how smoothly things go, you can look for this at the end of next season... maybe this one.

When will the next world open up? (longhornsfan - All-Star - 8:19 PM)

Not sure. World 2 opened because we reached a critical mass on the wait list, intra sport competition, and proper world spacing.

Are we going to be able to hire drivers and crews from other teams after the first year? (fordstoo - All-Star - 8:20 PM)

Not unless that team releases those crew members. Do not take those contracts lightly!! (Just like in the real world breaking a contract has consequences.)

When a team has practice time, will we be able to see the practice results and tweek and practice and tweek and practice? (bob squad - Hall of Famer - 8:23 PM)

Kinda. You can schedule as many practice sessions as you want. The practice will take whatever set up you have before it runs and do 50 laps on the track you selected. You can then schedule another practice for the next day and tweak before it runs.

What if you do not meet your sponsor commitments? will they dump you immediatly or give you a few races ? (bob squad - Hall of Famer - 8:24 PM)

I wasn't cruel enough to have the sponsors dump you mid season. They will wait till the off season to dump you.

when do u expect that the nxt season will start. Please answer this. I speak for a lot of other users. (frank_leonar - Hall of Famer - 8:26 PM)

Honestly, I really don't know. However I do know that the world name will be Earnhardt. : )

If we didn't get to your question, we apologize. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and thanks for supporting WhatIfSports!

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