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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST.

We will be releasing a major update to Gridiron Dynasty in November that brings a revamped and expanded game engine. We've changed everything from depth charts, to clock and game management, to the play-by-play. This is the place to get your questions answered concerning the changes.

Is there anyway to mitigate how powerful the running game is in GD? Perhaps the better question is this: are you guys aiming GD to be more realistic or for it to be its own animal? (phife - Hall of Famer - 1:04 PM)

We have made every effort to make the new engine more realistic in terms of both running and passing the ball. I believe we are looking at an average of about 4 yards per carry for runs and close to 7 yards per pass attempt when two identical, average teams play one another. These numbers lineup with historical stats in these areas.

Since there will be FBs. Will there be more blocking backs availabl when RCing? (fermor332002 - Hall of Famer - 1:05 PM)

There will not be any changes to the recruiting pool with this update. We will hopefully be able to take a look at the recruiting pool and recruiting in general in a subsequent update. Of course if we become aware of an issue, we will work to correct it as soon as possible.

Joe, in the new depth chart, can the same receiver be used in both WR1 and WR2 positions? FOr example, you may want your second best WR, who is normally the WR2, become WR1, while the best WR is on the bench. In the example you showed in the forum, their are unique WR's in WR1 and WR2. (cygnusx1 - All-Star - 1:07 PM)

The way the depth chart is currently setup, a player can only be in one position list -- so a player cannot be in both the WR1 and WR2 lists. The specialists (3rd down back, etc.) can be set as both a specialist as well as be listed within a position list.

I noticed a special teams depth chart in the picture you posted. How does that work? (mach5 - All-Star - 1:08 PM)

The special teams depth chart is fairly simple -- kicker, punter, returner. The return man setting is now a list so that you can specify a backup in case the usual return man is unavailable to play.

You mentioned about 4 ypc for running the ball. Is there a wide spread distribution or is it a near steady ypc from your simulations? (lyonzfan37 - Hall of Famer - 1:11 PM)

The distribution of runs closely resembles the real life distribution where around 10% are for a loss, the most common run is in the 2 yard range, etc. You should see a very good and realistic mix of runs. For example, your stud RB could get bottled up during the game and run for no gain, a yard here, a couple there, and then break a 60 yard touchdown run. I think this aspect of the game is greatly improved.

Will Game Plans change at all? (yatzr - All-Star - 1:13 PM)

The game plan section of the game is largely unchanged. There are only two changes -- the return man is set on the depth chart now instead of in the active settings (should have been there all along) and the distance settings for long, medium, and short on set per down on defense instead of per down and per formation.

Please let us know about effectiveness. You say players will be able to play the whole game. Does that mean you devalued stamina, or are they just going to be in the game until they're too tired to be effective, just because you want them in the game? (nelsonba25 - Hall of Famer - 1:17 PM)

The stamina/sub aspect of the game has been completely reworked. The subs can no longer be manipulated to rotate 11 fresh guys onto the field each play -- that was completely unrealistic. Subs are determined by the formation that you choose to run with the players listed at the top of your depth chart getting the bulk of the snaps. Stamina plays a role in that the higher the rating, the less fatigued the player will become. Players will still sub out of the game, but you will have players playing who are more tired than in the current setup.

How will substitution patterns work for the specialist positions like slot receiver and 3rd down back? (bigytalls1 - Hall of Famer - 1:21 PM)

The specialist players will enter the game based on the situation. The 3rd down back will enter the game on 3rd and 4th down plays. The slot receiver will enter the game whenever the formation dictates 3+ receivers on the field -- trips and shotgun. The short yardage back enters the game in short yardage situations on 3rd and 4th down. If the specialist is not available, then the next person in the position list (RB, WR1, WR2) is selected.

Follow up on effectiveness. Do we get to decide when they are subbing out or is there some pre-determined interval where they just come out? (nelsonba25 - Hall of Famer - 1:21 PM)

For now, the decision on subs due to fatigue is made within the sim and is not a setting.

How does the RB sub pattern work? (lyonzfan37 - Hall of Famer - 1:23 PM)

The RB sub pattern dictates the split between the players listed in the RB depth chart list. An 80-20 split means that RB 1 gets approximately 80% of the snaps and RB 2 gets the remaining 20%. There is some logic in place to try and keep the starter, RB 1, on the field for the most critical situations.

In the Shotgun formation, from which lists are the receivers selected (for example: 1 WR1, 1 WR2, and 2 slot)? (cydrych - Hall of Famer - 1:24 PM)

The sim selects players for the shotgun formation as follows: WR1 -- 1st listed WR2 -- 1st listed Slot WR1 -- 2nd listed

Will we able tp place a RB as slot receiver? (61f100 - Hall of Famer - 1:26 PM)

No -- only players at the WR position can be placed as the slot receiver.

Can you talk about the apparent lack of user controlled effectiveness settings in the update? Have these been removed, and if so, how do we make good on playing time promises, etc.? (mccarthyizm - Hall of Famer - 1:28 PM)

The effectiveness part is answered in a previous question. As for living up to recruiting promises, you will have to place the player high enough on his position depth chart so that he gets meaningful playing time. You will no longer be able to give token starts to meet promises, which was not the spirit of the promise.

Given that formation practice and 'player experience' will now play a larger part in outcomes how will the transition to the new system work? Will the players be given an experience rating based on past starts over their career, or will all existing players start at zero. Similarly, will formation IQ be re-set, or will whatever value teams currently have be carried forward? (mcbethbr - Hall of Famer - 1:31 PM)

The experience level for each player will get set based upon his past playing experience and everyone will not start at zero. A senior coming back to school who has started and played extensively his first three seasons will receive the appropriate benefit of that experience. A freshman will be appropriately dinged for his lack of experience. A similar thing will be done for each player's formation IQs -- they will be set based upon their current levels with no reset.

Will speed matter for DE more than DT, or will speed mean nothing on the DL? (ghutton9 - Hall of Famer - 1:38 PM)

This answer is not just for DE vs. DT. In every case as a play develops, players are used based upon the situation. If the situation dictates speed is needed, then the player's speed is used. If the situation dictates that tackling is needed, then the player's tackling is used. For example, say the QB drops back to pass and the DE is coming at him unblocked. The first decision that needs to be made is does the DE catch the QB or is the QB able to outrun or otherwise elude him. The DE's speed would be integral to this decision as well as the QB's speed. Now say the DE catches the QB and the decision becomes does he make the tackle. The DE's tackling would play a much bigger role in this decision and his speed would not be needed here.

will there be a way to see where a players formation IQ is like in the hoops sim? (chadsteelers - Hall of Famer - 1:43 PM)

No. The player's formation IQ will not be explicitly displayed. We will be looking into some more creative ways to get this information out to the coach.

Is formation practice the only way for players to get formation IQ or do they attain some formation IQ from game play of a formation (phightin - Hall of Famer - 1:44 PM)

Players gain experience from playing each game and improve their formation IQs through practice. No IQ gain is made from playing games and no experience is gained from practice.

One play shows a 4-2-5 nickle in use. Have other formations been changed? Any added? (bfkfraser - Hall of Famer - 1:46 PM)

The nickel defense has been changed to be the more traditional 4-2-5 alignment. No other formations have been changed. You can see each formation by going to GD:101 in the Help menu (with updates after the release). We have not added any new formations, but we now have the ability moving forward to add numerous formations to the game and open more strategies to coaches in game planning.

Are there any specific differences to put at DE as opposed to DE then? Elusiveness? Your last description of DT/DE makes it sound like there is no difference at all. (nshreders - All-Star - 1:48 PM)

There is a big difference. Usually DEs are there and not DT because they have speed. The distance that they have to cover requires that they be able to run. My example was just one example of a situation. I'm not sure what you are getting at with the first part.

Please talk about the recommended cores for the new defensive positions, and will DBs tackling rating be important with the new engine? (pb15 - Hall of Famer - 1:52 PM)

I think the ratings that you need to look at for each position is what you would expect when you think about how that position is used on the football field. Tackling for DBs will be important -- when they are called upon to make a tackle, but I wouldn't consider it to be the most important thing to look for. There are plenty of great cover CBs who are not good tacklers.

What time will the new update come out?? I'd like to have some time to update teams depth charts etc before gametime. (quietman - Hall of Famer - 1:54 PM)

The update will go out immediately following the 2nd half of games on 11/16. You'll have that evening to update your teams prior to the next game on 11/17. Your depth chart will be set automatically for you based on your current settings, but I advise that you check the settings and make sure that are what you want them to be moving forward.

How long does it take for a player to be at 100% experience? That is to ask, does the experience rating continue to grow throughout a player's career, or does it max out after say a full season of starts? (mcbethbr - Hall of Famer - 1:55 PM)

A player can never reach 100% experience -- players gain experience continually based upon their playing time.

Any chance of another Developer Chat after the game engine has been in play for a couple of weeks ? (bhazlewood - Hall of Famer - 1:56 PM)

Yes. I will hold another developer chat a week or so after the update to answer more questions and hear suggestions.

We currently can put backups on the field in blowouts so that starters wouldn't get injured. This is similar to what might happen in real life. I don't see there is any way of doing this anymore? (jasonfreeman - Hall of Famer - 1:57 PM)

There is not a setting to put in bench players in blowouts at present.

Is there a pass distribution setting? (bfkfraser - Hall of Famer - 1:59 PM)

There is not an explicit distribution setting for each player, but it can be controlled with the style of your play. An aggressive play call dictates that the QB initially looks further down the field where WRs are more likely to be the target. A more conservative play call tells the QB to look closer to the line of scrimmage where RBs and TEs are the more likely target.

Will Gridiron 101 and the FAQ be updated? Before the release? (badaxe - Hall of Famer - 2:00 PM)

These will be updated with the release.

Great improvement with play-by-play re: details like "pass complete short middle". Does this mean a conservative run will more likely be run up the middle whereas very aggressive run might be sweep around end? (naturopath - Hall of Famer - 2:00 PM)


Do you have any timeline for subsequent updates? (badaxe - Hall of Famer - 2:02 PM)

No, but I would like to be able to get several smaller updates out in the coming months to piggyback on this one.

How important is experience? It's sounding like it will never be a good idea to use a freshman. (nelsonba25 - Hall of Famer - 2:05 PM)

Experience does play a role, but if the freshman is talented, I would still play him. The experience factor allows for players who have been playing and developing in a system for 3 years to perhaps play above what their ratings might dictate and give coaches a payoff for developing players.

Thanks for joining the chat today and taking time out to ask questions.

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