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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cespedes tdfactory 1 341
Gold Sox crcummings 0 56
Millers Dennymcc23 0 0
Monarchs buffalo_rob 3 111
Franchise Owner Titles Season
#1 jock meld sabres2661 8 106
Athletics ruffleswest 4 135
Bullets redintexas 1 18
Rock Cats downboy 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amberjacks schefflerk5 2 40
Colt .45s loudawg10 1 22
Crows jmuhtoff 0 125
Red Caps andrewfrance 2 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Four Twentys cctigerfan 3 81
Grizzlies nyaggie98 0 59
OverValued Homes camden68 2 120
Slingers coach34 5 101
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Maple Leafs jcarver67 0 89
Rainiers kcden 13 139
Silver Snakes jkay15 6 33
Wet Blankets mitt0108 14 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cro's Natoes cro3147 0 190
PawSox aumackenzie 5 59
Slumlords groth911 1 95
Surf njohnson78 4 156
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos tenaciousdx 2 94
El Tri mtorabdaddy 2 126
Redneckz tmfran 8 509
Sadness tropicana 1 209
Franchise Owner Titles Season
51s MikeT23 9 180
Offspring opie5 20 285
Prairie Dogs amccarron 0 51
Senators strikeout26 0 15
World Chat
If he is continually tardy, that would make him....
Alright. Sold me. Send me the password
We only need 6. And none of the teams are a mess. I plan on trying to make it a strong league
Is double Foxx twice as tardy as regular Foxx??
if anyone is looking to join another league double foxx has 6 openings
I'll admit I didn't even look at them. But, usually when a player clears waivers, it's because his salary outweighs his value.
IDK, that is pretty harsh. Skinner and Palacios are at least useful.
That could be why they cleared waivers.
those dudes aren't very good
These guys cleared waivers. Let's talk trade. Joe Skinner (RF) Vasco Crespo (SS) Saul Exposito (B) Enny Fuentes (P) Robinson Mann (P) Orlando Palacios (P) Virgil Baez (P)

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