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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cespedes tdfactory 1 331
Gold Sox crcummings 0 55
Millers Dennymcc23 0 0
Monarchs buffalo_rob 3 111
Franchise Owner Titles Season
#1 jock meld sabres2661 8 104
Athletics ruffleswest 4 135
Bullets redintexas 1 18
Rock Cats downboy 0 18
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amberjacks schefflerk5 2 39
Colt .45s loudawg10 1 21
Crows jmuhtoff 0 124
Red Caps andrewfrance 2 66
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Four Twentys cctigerfan 3 80
Grizzlies nyaggie98 0 59
OverValued Homes camden68 2 120
Slingers coach34 5 100
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Maple Leafs jcarver67 0 89
Rainiers kcden 12 138
Silver Snakes jkay15 6 32
Wet Blankets mitt0108 14 109
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cro's Natoes cro3147 0 185
PawSox aumackenzie 5 57
Slumlords groth911 1 89
Surf njohnson78 4 155
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos tenaciousdx 1 89
El Tri mtorabdaddy 2 125
Redneckz tmfran 8 497
Sadness tropicana 1 209
Franchise Owner Titles Season
51s MikeT23 9 180
Offspring opie5 20 283
Prairie Dogs amccarron 0 49
Senators strikeout26 0 14
World Chat
Everyone in my minors is available, including Ronald Poppell (B) and Flip Jordan (B) especially if you have ML pitching and/or LF/RF to move
If you're rebuilding and have a decent player with a high salary you'd like gone,
talk to me. I mucked up payroll and have 12m for this season and next but only 3m in space the following season. Not many players worth 12m/12m in FA that won't need a 3rd season.
Super prospect Marwin Figureoa (SS) is in the block. Looking to improve my major league team. Areas of need: LF, SS, b and pitching. TC or make proposals if interested.
Just added several RP to the TB, TC me or send a proposal if you're interested in any of them. Need to move 2 before end of FA.
Anyone have a good hitter they are willing to trade?
Only need 9 to play a game. Seems OK to me.
I've got 9 guys on my ML roster. Is that bad? It seems bad.

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