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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
American Giants paellis11 0 9
Gold Sox crcummings 0 59
Monarchs buffalo_rob 4 114
Water Dogs jmaese 1 189
Franchise Owner Titles Season
#1 jock meld sabres2661 8 108
Athletics ruffleswest 4 138
Bullets redintexas 1 19
Rock Cats downboy 1 25
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amberjacks schefflerk5 2 41
Colt .45s loudawg10 1 26
Missons fsubwj 0 162
Red Caps andrewfrance 2 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Four Twentys cctigerfan 3 83
Keystones mdodge13 0 4
OverValued Homes camden68 2 121
Sea Lions baseball4309 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers dodgersrays 1 75
Maple Leafs jcarver67 0 92
Rainiers kcden 13 142
Wet Blankets mitt0108 14 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hessians Phillydon 0 17
PawSox aumackenzie 5 63
Slumlords groth911 2 99
Surf njohnson78 4 158
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diablos tenaciousdx 2 95
Powers dlsjim 3 23
Redneckz tmfran 8 517
Sadness tropicana 1 210
Franchise Owner Titles Season
51s MikeT23 9 183
Offspring opie5 20 290
Prairie Dogs amccarron 0 53
Senators strikeout26 0 17
World Chat
i can take on some contracts i just dont have alot to give
trade block updated
6 Louisville x-outs for $250 just for you Trop.
I'm looking to acquire some bats
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that someone is not going to reach the MWR this season.
Felix Lincecum (B) is available looking for prospects
Eli Zapata (B) available. TC me or shoot me an offer if interested.
Elrod Towers (P) is available. Looking for SS, CF or C.
If you want to get to my level of excellence you keep the turds, ya big dummy.
I am in need of a deffensive shortstop. Also a young defensive catcher,and any realngood hitters. Also looking to add a real good pitcher

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