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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire baseball1968 0 4
Gold Sox jaxng 2 138
Ponies travisg 8 174
Sluggers slashtc 2 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Sox rschaitkin 0 48
Mets tdfactory 2 442
Savages impressionah 6 91
Yankees jlm612 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers davewillie 0 180
Chew-baccas mlhutch 17 256
Nine sbaynes19 0 27
Outlaws gregor199 3 391
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Angels lido9613 2 242
Cockeyed Cowboys svick39 0 136
Solar Flares dakar 14 141
Water Dogs jmaese 3 221
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hoosiers mattster24 8 67
Maple Leafs bluebaran 10 89
Microraptors beachboy71 8 86
yorkies djbradford 29 117
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bison ndg38 0 3
Bootleggers stonewalter 1 533
JUMBO shrimp NomarMazara 0 7
Reapers havoc666 0 7
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Shockers nymetman 1 28
Smokers thegrklgnd 0 35
Southpaws jrhager 0 0
ThunderMules outlaw 6-4-3 10 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beach Bums gccoach 1 107
dragons bobby1978 0 44
Levellers merritr 2 96
Rounders mexd781 1 78
World Chat
That might be the longest game I've seen in HBD.
What a game in Honolulu. The Beach Bums used all guys on the roster,
Felix Varvaro (DH) plays innings in CF and Kevin Russell (P) finishes the final innings in RF. Happy tomorrow is an off day! Las Vegas Rounders vs. Honolulu Beach Bums
Anyone making money on my team is available for prospects
Steve Gonzales (P) and Albert Michaels (P) can be had if you need a bullpen arm
We would love to improve, will look at your decent pieces but probably need major moves.
Trade block updated with some decent pieces for contenders. Looking for ML ready pitching and/or prospects.
More b.s. Back to BACK injuries. My FIFTH pitcher out with an extended DL stay. My All-Star closer this time. That makes my top 2 starters and three best relievers. Funny how I complain about WIS on...
This world is b.s. Still ****** I led for an IFA for 7 human days and he signed elsewhere for $1k more without notice.
Now I have lost my fourth pitcher for a long DL stay, and my 3 hitter. Lost my $20million FA for the year on day 1 of Spring Training despite him not appearing in a game. WIS couldn't explain eit...

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