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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dragons koz40 3 107
Hermits purplehaze54 4 313
Higgs field xatomsmasher 0 60
Riggers flbarons 0 172
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bats baseball4309 1 32
Pirates patrick71665 0 52
Red Chickens MelanieS 0 18
Sizzle goldgreen 3 114
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brooks nelsonba25 13 184
Lassos MabelO 0 26
Rangers jbugg08 1 79
Wildcats carseneau 2 96
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arte Morenos eric1214 1 218
Bighorns Disable411 0 26
Lumberjacks jlm612 1 39
Surf Riders III POKEYSAN 22 424
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barristers welchwb 0 7
Brewskis jtndrsn1 0 2
Chippewas jkenned 10 171
Ice Wolves Rohockey10 1 32
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clowns anthrus 0 27
Mothmen kmccleak 0 3
Ood shiish 5 190
Sound scotsmet 2 85
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Don Cesars cebola 5 82
Fountains khendrickson 7 94
Sano mcbellows 1 126
Sultans of SoWhat Ahsowhat 9 166
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colemans kidcreeley 23 214
Ogres normal1 0 72
Pilots lido9613 2 258
Shockers musketeer22 5 100
World Chat
Weird... on another note Bubbles Lyons (C) value continues to go up and he’s still available for the right price... his bat can make your lineup a forced to be reckoned with
From WIS... "Injured players won't get a recovery cycle until they're healthy. It looks like that will be in just a couple of cycles for Downs."
I’ve used the DL glitch in the middle of the season and it worked before
Jeanmar Mijares (B) is available if you need a good hitting CF/B.
My understanding is that players placed on the 60 day DL after Spring Training don't get a recovery cycle until they come off the DL or until the end of the regular season. The DL glitch is for pe...
I’d send in a ticket and let them know because there is no way that can be correct after being on the DL that long
Henry Downs (LF) has been on the DL for + days. He hasn’t had a recovery cycle. Seems like a glitch considering I have M in medical.
Feels like every time I log in here lately I have 2 or 3 more injuries to deal with
I’m glad I held onto Bubbles Lyons (C) he’s already basically eclipsed his numbers from last year with a week left before the all star break!
Negro League has one opening. If interested, contact sinfonian11 through sitemail.

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