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Key: WW=Waiver Wire, ML=Minor League Players, MS=Minor League Skill Level (G=Great, VG=Very Good, AA=Above Average, A=Average, BA=Below Average), PI=Playoff Intensity, R=Relaxed Roster Requirements, T=Trades, MI=Maximum Simultaneous Injuries, S=Number of Seasons, RO=Remaining Openings
Available Public Theme Leagues
  League Founder Created Theme Name Theme Description Salary Cap WW ML MS PI R T MI S RO
 NHL34379Buster059/15/2021Pick 2 Stars or 4 Very Good or 6 GoodPick 2 star players (under $10 Mill.) or 4 very good players (under $5 mill.) or 6 good players (under $3,333,333). The rest of your team can ONLY be between $300k and $600k. NO mixing and matching between these three scenarios, you must choose only ONE33 milG4121
 NHL34017knightthorn12/20/2020No Gretzky, Lemieux, or OrrNo Gretzky, Lemieux, or Orr, no clones, $100 Million100 mil-8119
 NHL34354pumped8/21/2021ONE OF EACHEvery player must come from a different franchise. Clones ok if he played for 2 different franchises100 milA819
 NHL34375lostnfound749/12/2021Go Big Score BIGGERNo Clones165 mil-015

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