SLH : Available Leagues

Key: WW=Waiver Wire, ML=Minor League Players, MS=Minor League Skill Level (G=Great, VG=Very Good, AA=Above Average, A=Average, BA=Below Average), PI=Playoff Intensity, R=Relaxed Roster Requirements, T=Trades, MI=Maximum Simultaneous Injuries, S=Number of Seasons, RO=Remaining Openings
Available Public Theme Leagues
  League Founder Created Theme Name Theme Description Salary Cap WW ML MS PI R T MI S RO
 NHL33870Buster059/16/2020The Power of 3!All players $165,000 EXCEPT for your "Big Three" players that can cost whatever you want and be any position you want. NO Clones.40 milA2123
 Privatelostnfound7411/28/2020$95m ThemeBlacklisted: Mario over $7 million/ Gretzky over $9 million No Clones.95 milVG1123
 Privatehockeyhead11/24/2020Golden Era Progressive150 mil-8122
 NHL33953hockeyhead11/7/2020$75M PIMs Franchise League75 mil-0120
 NHL33966sgtpepper6011/16/2020Great RookiesNo Clones. Draft your own Great Minor Leaguers!150 milG0117
 Privatepumped10/25/2020SIMHOCKEY WC2 LEAGUE #4DOUBLE DIGIT LEAGUE.... see theme league classifieds for details99 milBA8117
 PrivateSAKABAKBRG11/28/2020Offense or Defense?See forums for details100 mil-2116
 Privatepumped10/25/2020SIMHOCKEY WC2 LEAGUE #2DEFENSE FIRST LEAGUE.... see theme league classifieds for details125 milBA8116
 Privatepumped10/25/2020SIMHOCKEY WC2 LEAGUE #3DECADE LINE LEAGUE .... see theme league classifieds for details110 mil-0115
 Privatebb_icetime11/19/2020Random Blacklist IIDefinitely a team you would never draft. Should be ineresting. See Forums for sign up.115 mil-8114
 Privatepumped10/25/2020SIMHOCKEY WC2 LEAGUE #1High cap league.... see theme league classifieds for details150 milBA8112
 Privatehockeyhead11/15/202079-80 NHL Progressive 96-97 Season150 milBA419
 Privatedamag11/18/2020RRFT LVIV - 1982-83League rules per signup forum.75 milA212

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