SLH : Available Leagues

Key: WW=Waiver Wire, ML=Minor League Players, MS=Minor League Skill Level (G=Great, VG=Very Good, AA=Above Average, A=Average, BA=Below Average), PI=Playoff Intensity, R=Relaxed Roster Requirements, T=Trades, MI=Maximum Simultaneous Injuries, S=Number of Seasons, RO=Remaining Openings
Available Public Theme Leagues
  League Founder Created Theme Name Theme Description Salary Cap WW ML MS PI R T MI S RO
 Privatehockeyhead1/17/20221979-80 NHL Progressive, 2001-02150 milBA4123
 Privatehockeyhead1/19/2022Triple Era Progressive150 milBA8123
 NHL34017knightthorn12/20/2020No Gretzky, Lemieux, or OrrNo Gretzky, Lemieux, or Orr, no clones, $100 Million100 mil-8118
 NHL34509pumped1/10/2022OVER/UNDER9 players over 5M - 9 players under 5M - 1 goalie over 1 under scrubs 165k115 mil-2114
 NHL34518mr_creasote1/13/2022SOMETHING DIFFERENT IIDoing it again! LOW CAP league GREAT minor leaguers MINOR LEAGUE DRAFT IS ON no ww trades ok35 milG7110
 Privatealanasdad1/1/2022Another Franchise LeagueClones - only of the 6 listed in the forum Twisting - see specifics on this in forum. No Waiver Wire No trades No minor leaguers Max out injuries is only 2120 mil-211

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