SimLeague Hockey User Preferences

Use the following preferences to specify how SimLeague Hockey will behave. Placing a checkmark in the box beside each option will enable it. Removing the checkmark disables the option.

Return to League Office - When switching teams through the drop down menu in the on the upper-right of all SimLeague Hockey pages, always return to the League Office. Do not stay on the current page. (Disabling, or unchecking this option will keep you on the current page whenever you switch teams using the drop down box.)
Hide Scores - When visiting your Team Center, do not display any scores. (Disabling, or unchecking this will show each team's most recent score and current standing.)
Hide Teams - When visiting your Team Center, do not display teams that have finished playing. (Disabling, or unchecking this will show all teams in your account, including the ones that have finished.)
Mute Owners - Click here to control which owners you see posts from in your hockey league forums.

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