SLH : Available Leagues

Key: WW=Waiver Wire, ML=Minor League Players, MS=Minor League Skill Level (G=Great, VG=Very Good, AA=Above Average, A=Average, BA=Below Average), PI=Playoff Intensity, R=Relaxed Roster Requirements, T=Trades, MI=Maximum Simultaneous Injuries, S=Number of Seasons, RO=Remaining Openings
Available Public Dynasty Leagues
  League Founder Created Theme Name Theme Description Salary Cap WW ML MS PI R T MI S RO
 NHL33870Buster059/16/2020The Power of 3!All players $165,000 EXCEPT for your "Big Three" players that can cost whatever you want and be any position you want. NO Clones.40 milA2122
 NHL34127KRex27273/8/2021Wayne to Mario100 mil-0122
 Privatehockeyhead4/28/2021Two Timing Progressive150 milBA8122
 NHL34200ifh674/30/20216Million$MenALL PLAYERS 6mil or less (1950-2020) FWD def 60 max DEF def 80 max No clones GP 75% (not goalies)120 mil-0119
 Privatepumped4/17/2021ROCKBANDS LEAGUESee forum for full rules110 mil-4119
 NHL34017knightthorn12/20/2020No Gretzky, Lemieux, or OrrNo Gretzky, Lemieux, or Orr, no clones, $100 Million100 mil-8119
 Privatethe_skipper4/29/2021NHL of todayNo WW NO trades 2 injuries max 110m salary cap Draft players from a 2021 NHL conference. Players must play for this conference at this time.110 milBA2117
 Privaterobinson534/26/2021Sharp ShootersSEE CLASSIFIEDS - PRO FEILD125 milG0113
 NHL34187lostnfound744/21/2021$102m ThemeF'wds Capped at $9 million. More details in Classifieds102 milAA2110

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