FC Dynasty Features

Create a Free Club

Choose your country, colors, and name to start your very own FC Dynasty club. You will be assigned new players fitting for a new club just starting out.

Play Exhibition Matches

Challenge other users to exhibition matches and test your players, or throw your club into the open challenge pool and let fate decide the club you face off against. Each club can play one exhibition match each day.

Set Your Tactics

Assign formations, starters and subs from your available roster. Then set any scheduled match to any of your very own tactics sets.

Join a League

When you are ready, sign up to join a league. You will be assigned to the next available league filled with other clubs from the same country. More than just league play, leagues open other features such as scouting and signing new players to your club, dealing with injured players, and more.

International Play

Leagues also open up international play. Compete with clubs in other national leagues to sign international players.

Build Your Club and Your League

As more seasons pass, your national league will grow into divisions complete with a relegation system. As leagues grow, clubs receive more money and will compete to sign higher skilled players.

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