FC Dynasty News

7/2/2010 • Scheduled Server Maintenance 7/5/10
The FC Dynasty games and world processing will not run on July 5th, 2010 so we can perform server maintenance. All schedules will be pushed back.
3/6/2010 • Minor Update - 3/16/2010
We have a minor update scheduled to be published on March 16th, 2010. The update will be effective for all leagues when published. The changes are:
  • A Maximum Transfer Fee has been added for transfers.
  • Minimum and Maximum Transfer Fees will be calculated on current player demands.
  • Transfer Fees will be displayed on the player profile and the league transfer page.
  • It will no longer allow you to submit a transfer bid to an AI club.
  • Fixed an issue with players evaluating multi-season transfer bids.
  • Fixed an issue with goalkeepers taking free kicks.
  • Fixed an issue with clubs being charged for the contract of a player leaving due to injury at the beginning of the season.
For more information, check this forum thread.
1/6/2010 • Update Complete
The aforementioned update has been completed. Please see the update thread for more information. We will watch the game over the next couple of days, but please send in a support ticket if you see something that is broken. Thanks.
12/14/2009 • Minor Update - 1/6/2010
We have a minor update scheduled to be published on January 6th, 2010. The update will be effective for all leagues when published. The changes are:
  • Adjustment to game revenue and league payout which will be effective immediately for all future games and seasons.
  • Pending vs Considering status on offers. Pending will mean that your offer has not ran through a negotiations cycle yet, and Considering will mean it has gone through a cycle and you are not the top offer.
  • Wider Club Profile and reformated Ratings tab to show all ratings for players on one page.
  • Older free agents will now retire at the end of the season.
  • Past standings, club stats, and league leaders can be viewed from the league pages. A new drop down for season has been added to those pages. Nationality and division have been combined into one drop down on the league pages to make it easier to see the few second divisions we have in some worlds.
This is going to be it for now, but hopefully we will have some time to do some bigger updates next year. For more information, check this forum thread.
6/24/2009 • Fox Soccer and WhatIfSports presents FC Dynasty
2/18/2009 • Email Notification Added
2/2/2009 • First FC Dynasty Developer Chat Scheduled
11/17/2008 • New Countries Added
11/13/2008 • FC Dynasty Leagues Set to Launch

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