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Why list the fielding grades (B/B) when you can list the actual fielding percentage and range factor? Everyone knows there are widely varying levels of what a letter grade means (there are whole forums dedicated to A+ and A++++++), so why not just list the actual numbers instead of the letter grades?

Increased functionality such as individual baserunning is very important. I'd also like to see options such as players being able to shift positions when a PH/PR comes in. If the PR comes in for your RF and he is a better defender than your CF, the system should go off your heirarchy and shift your CF to RF and the new RF should go into CF. This would work even better with double switches.
3/20/2012 3:54 PM

There were several mentions of the handedness bonus/penalty in earlier posts. According to a WIS staff presentation in 2009 it is 4.5%. So L vs R or R vs L is +4.5% and R vs R and L vs L is -4.5%. Switch hitters are not adjusted. For a batter/pitcher matchup that works out to .267 before handedness is factored in this would be plus or minus 12 BA points or a spread of .024 (.255 vs .279).  
Unlike one earlier poster I would like to see the actual split stats used in WIS if the player has over a certain number of total PA's (say 150 to 200) or a minimun number of PA's against the handedness the player faced least during a particular season (50 to 75). Players with only 50 PAs find their way into WIS. I don't see any greater likelihood of statistical abberations from handedness than from players with low overall PA totals. For players below the minimum retain the existing formula.    

3/21/2012 2:57 AM
The graphics are pretty, but could the first priority be making long-ignored fixes that affect game play? Atop the list is that the sim does not recognize anything other than a hit or out as a batter faced by a new pitcher. Bring a LH in to face one batter, and if the result is HBP, E, FC, he has to stay in to give up a 3-run homer to the righty who follows. Adding the ability to run progressive drafts through the draft system instead of manually in a forum would be a huge improvement. More leagues have fallen apart because commissioners didn't have time to do the hours of work for a draft than because the screens weren't bright and colorful enough.

More lineup options and custom views are obviously a welcome improvement, but I think most who want flashy graphics are going to be playing MLB2012 or similar games. The draw of WIS is to those interested in the numbers, the history of the game and how performances play out in various scenarios. Make that work as realistically and efficiently as possible, and the game will thrive.
3/21/2012 10:54 AM
More Practicality & Less Prettiness.

I would like to see more emphasis put on Drafting a team rather then being able to fill in drafting blanks without much penalty, if any.

I agree with all of the above improvements (other than the graphics, it's not needed)

I would like to see More platoon situations than already exist because from what I am gathgering from the posts above, It doesn't matter whether or not you play a LHH against a LHP and it should unless the player is a good real life hitter against such pitchers.

"Statistics, Statistics, Statistics" is what we all strive for in WIS.. If not go play console games (playstation, xbox etc..)

3/21/2012 12:05 PM
I think the discussion here has covered all the improvements we would all like to see as far as drafting, strategy, Coaches office, etc.  The areas I'd like to see some additions are stadiums like Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico which could easily be tied to the 2004 Expos, and all the spring training parks which would be fun to use for the Spring Training Twist theme that Simisox created.  Other stadiums like the Tokyo Dome which will host a MLB series next week between the A's/Mariners, & even the one in Mexico City where the Padres played.  

Eventually, I'd like to see some of the key minor league ballparks added to the database but I think it would be a daunting task to add every ML park in America!
3/21/2012 12:10 PM
As an extreme view of the function vs. graphics argument, I'd like to put in a vote for text-only interface with minimal graphics.

Some of us that might, ahem, be checking our teams from work would greatly appreciate a page with fewer mutli-colored, non-Excel looking borders. 
3/21/2012 8:00 PM
I think it's a good start... I agree with everyone else that it's a massive improvement but hope there's some functionality improvement behind it.

One suggestion: if you're going to put a graphic with everyone at their position, why not add some color to that too? Green if the guy is above a B/B fielder, red if he's below D/D, blue in the middle.. whatever levels you choose (you meaning WIS, unless you want to let individuals customize that setting)

I also don't care at all about ABs. Honestly I think I'd rather see a speed rating in that column.

And I think it goes without saying, but you need to display a player's REAL rating at that position if you're displaying their fielding. So if I have Raffy Palmeiro's DH season when he is A/B at first base, I want to see A/B and not D-/D-. 

3/22/2012 8:34 AM
I like the SB tendacy idea. I also would prefer listing speed rating over AB's. Also, it is a small thing, but if WIS could add its own random # generator, that would be helpful for progressives when doing lottery picks & dealing with tie breakers. I know you can go to other sites, but why not keep us here on the site?
3/23/2012 6:52 PM
I still would like to see an area so you could designate a player as PH only so he isn't used on defense then you don't have anyone to PH except a Pitcher in the ninth.So some sort of PH menu (like def replacments the PH designation could have innings choice).

Also the old days when base running aggressivness was adjustable by player rather than team was much better then the team option.

Lets be real....Pitchers do not stay in to give up 9 runs.  We need to scale back on the offense......why have POG if not realistic.  Recently I had a Pitcher with CG, allowing 4 hits and 1 run  and the POG was a hitter that had a single 3 run homer.  (3 run homer happens every game not the Cg and especially not the 4 hitter.) 

So basically I agree with the guys who say lets make the game more realistic and not worry about the pretty graphics.

Finally, is there any plan that allows a players career stats in Progressives have a link that is up to date to the current season/game

It looks like, as a whole, graphics are reguarded lightly by almost everyone who replied here that is a long time player.  We want realistic manager/gm functions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/24/2012 10:13 PM (edited)
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Posted by Kings_Kid on 3/20/2012 3:15:00 PM (view original):
A minor thing which has always bugged me - On the league page for team stats, a team is only credited with a shutout if it is a complete-game shutout by the starting pitcher.  A shutout is a shutout, whether it's by one guy or five guys! 

And I would agree with most of the guys above - I vote for FUNCTIONALITY OVER GRAPHICS !!!
MAJOR ditto on both points...

4/4/2012 5:22 PM
I like the "Custon View" idea.  Instead of clicking on each player or writing on paper each players 2B#, 3#, HR#, etc. etc, it will be much easier to click custom view and see those stats so to make a better lineup.  I am assuming the same can be done for pitchers. 
4/28/2012 11:06 AM
I like the functional improvements.  One person commented on something I'd like to see:  the ability to save Home and Away lineups as well as LH and RH.   
5/7/2012 12:09 AM
Doesn't SOM or APBA offer a component to stealing in their games with each runner able to try to "get the jump" on the pitcher?  And if they do, their success rate is higher than if they don't get the jump but go anyway?  I think baserunners like Brock, Henderson, Cobb get the jump a lot while Frank Howard/Johnny Mize types remain statues at first.  To follow through with this idea, I believe when Cobb, Henderson, Brock in their best years "got the jump" on a pitcher, they were 90-98% safe at second base.  They could still attempt to steal second without the jump, but their success rate would be lower, say 60-70%.  Some guys who don't "get the jump" are not allowed to steal that time on base... until the next batter comes up... or they reach the next base.  In this example, I'm figuring the catcher has an average arm.

The concept of a runner "getting the jump" is based on at least two factors I think - the ability of the pitcher to hold a runner close to the bag, and the proficiency of the base stealer - guys with 85% or better steal rates, and guys with 50/60+ stolen bases that season.  I don't know how you go back in time though and assign hold rates for pitchers such as Matty or Walter Johnson.  Maybe assign everyone the same rate before 1950 if the appropriate stats are not available and give the edge to left-handers by say 5% over righties.  Food for thought.  Keep up the excellent work.  Can't wai8t for the new engine to come out.
5/8/2012 8:48 PM
Is it possible to see LH/RH splits in a player's performance history page?

This would be very useful.

5/15/2012 2:34 PM
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