SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide

General Manager

During the season, the user may be more of a manager than a general manager, yet there are still several ways to alter a roster. These include using AAA Prospects from the Minors, Trades and the Waiver Wire. Rules for these can vary greatly in Theme Leagues, so this topic will only discuss the default options for all Open Leagues.

In Open Leagues, users receive six AAA position prospects and two AAA pitchers. All AAA players are based on an actual season from our database – just with different names. They are randomly selected from inexpensive player seasons, so some are better than others, yet none are necessarily good. AAA players have ratings based on their actual performance. If one player is called up, another must be demoted. Also, every time a player is demoted to the minors, he must stay there for at least three games. As soon as a player is called up to the active roster, he is eligible to play and will appear in the Manager's Office.

Trades are relatively rare in SimLeague Baseball, but they are possible. When they do occur, they are often between teams with AAA prospects at positions where the team has a surplus of talent. To trade a player, select a team with which to trade and review the team's roster. Cash can be included in trades to ensure a team does not go over the cap. A notes section is also available to communicate with other users in trades. When a trade has been proposed or agreed upon, there is an indicator that appears in the Team Center and League Office. Trades are subject to veto. If six or more users veto a trade, it will fail.

Using the Waiver Wire is not recommended for strategic purposes due to the associated 10% transaction fee, but it may become a necessity for teams that get into fatigue trouble or have chemistry issues (either as a part of the rest of the team or even relative to ballpark). The Waiver Wire is like a free agent list that is populated with other players who have been dropped across all SLB leagues. As players sit on the WW, their price will decrease until someone claims him. If necessary, a player can be released from a roster to clear cap space for a separate WW swap.

No matter the situation, a team may never exceed the league's salary cap. Rosters can never go below 22 players and must always have at least 6 pitchers and 12 position players. Non-theme leagues may also not have more than 10% of the league salary cap in AAA at any given time.