SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide

Pitching Staff

Managing a pitching staff in SimLeague Baseball is quite vital to a team's performance. Fatigued pitchers perform much worse than healthy ones so it is very important to keep as many pitchers healthy as possible.

When editing the pitching staff, consider a balance between starting and relief pitching. Rotation sizes can vary from 1-6 man rotations with an option of platooning the last starter in the rotation using a and b starters or even matching two starters together in the rotation using Tandem starters (like some minor league games). By default, rotations are set to recommendations, where the top pitchers by total innings pitched are ranked until at least half of the innings needed appear in the starting rotation. To return to these recommended settings at any time, click Show Recommendations and then Set Pitcher Roles.

A more thorough explanation of pitching roles can be found in the knowledge base but a pitcher's basic expected usage per role can be found in the Advanced Settings.

In the Advanced Settings, pitch counts may be set for pitchers. The TPC is the Target Pitch Count. A pitcher will attempt to reach this many pitches in each game. In extenuating circumstances, he may pitch beyond his TPC, but will never exceed his Max Pitch Count. A pitcher will always come out of the game within a few pitches of his MPC (usually his TPC) based on the situation. In general, an SLB inning takes about 15 pitches.

Other options in the Advanced Settings include Auto Rest, Inning Available, Call Bullpen, Relief, Pinch Hit, Pinch Run, Def Rep, Allow Rest, Sac Bunt and Base Stealing. For Relief, this indicates a player who may pitch in relief. Auto Rest in all cases refers to the fatigue value under which the player will automatically be removed from the next game. The Call Bullpen setting is for patience with a pitcher who has not yet reached his TPC. It is on a scale from 1-5 where 1 is very patient and 5 is a quick trigger. Sac Bunt and Steal are individual settings that are similar to the team tendencies, but refer to how often the player should attempt either of these items. For PH, PR, Def Rep and Allow Rest, these are players for whom it is ok to remove in these situations.

At any time in the staff construction process, users may toggle between real-life and SLB stats.