SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide


Beyond the glory, pride and spot in the Tournament of Champions, there are prizes for all playoff participants in SimLeague Baseball.

The World Series winner receives 4,000 Reward Points* (Approximately $27.00 value) that can be redeemed for seasons of any of our games, gift cards, t-shirts or other items in our online Rewards Center.

All other owners that made it to the playoffs will receive a credit on their account good toward the purchase of your next SLB team. Credits will be given out as follows:

  • Teams losing in the Division Championship Series: $3.00*
  • Teams losing in the League Championship Series: $6.00*
  • Teams losing in the World Series: $10.00*

The two teams that participate in the World Series are also entered into the Tournament of Champions with a chance to win additional prizes.

* Note that these rewards change for Standard and Diamond Legends Career Open Leagues depending on the number of times an owner has reached the World Series in any league.

  • The 1st - 5th trips to the World Series yield the full value of the prizes mentioned above (100%).
  • The 6th - 10th trips to the World Series yield 75%.
  • The 10th trip and beyond yields 50%.

Remember, these limitations are for Standard and DL Career Open Leagues only -- Theme Leagues and Champion Leagues will always yield 100% of the prize values! In addition, Champions Leagues see a 50% increase in prizes.