SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide

Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is a unique 32-team tournament that gives SimLeague World Series participants from every league an opportunity to win up to 22,500 in Rewards Points that can be redeemed for seasons of any of our games, gift cards, t-shirts or other items in our online Rewards Center

The winner earns 22,500 reward points. The runner-up wins 7,500 and the other two final four owners win 3,750.

Teams that make the World Series are automatically entered into a TOC that matches the salary of the team's active roster. There is no extra cost for these teams. Once 32 teams have been added to the TOC, the games will start.

All managerial options that are available in the regular season are available to users, but the GM's Office is not open as rosters cannot be altered in the TOC. In place of the GM's Office is the TOC Bracket.

In the TOC, the 32 teams are seeded based on the strength of their original league success. The tournament plays like the playoffs, but with five rounds, where the first three rounds are best-of-five series, while the semifinals and finals are best-of-seven series.

A TOC is simulated as if it were starting after the 25th game of the season to remove any dampening effects at the start of a season. At the start of the TOC, all players have their underlying fatigue numbers (the numbers that derive fatigue) adjusted so they begin the TOC having used up a prorated amount of their season allotment of plate appearances and pitches thrown. This adjustment is made to prevent the abuse of low usage players from dominating in a TOC

If a team defeats their opponent in less games than their upcoming opponent, they receive rest. For instance, if a team wins the first round in 3 games but their next opponent wins the first round in 5 games, the team receives an additional 2 days of rest. All rest is applied at the time the next round of the tournamnet is generated.

Each round of the tournament also resets your pitching rotation. That means, your first listed starting pitcher will earn the start for the first game in the series regardless of his fatigue/autorest combination. This allows managers to set their rotation right up until game time.