SimLeague Baseball Player's Guide


Constructing the perfect batting lineup for a SimLeague Baseball team can be just as much art as science and it is another way in which managers can maximize their team's value.

To set a lineup, click on the Edit Lineup Card to see the position and lineup value dropdowns next to each player. There are up to four different types of lineups to account for the combinations of vs. left and right handed pitching and with the DH for leagues that allow that. In Open Leagues, the DH is not used, so there are only two options. Do not forget to set both of these lineups.

By default, the recommended lineups are used. To return to these recommended settings at any time, click Show Recommendations and then Set Current Lineup. To change the lineup at any time, select the position for the player from the drop down and choose the numbered spot for him. Lineups will only save if they are set with unique players at each position and a player at each spot in the batting order. For non-DH lineups, the pitcher will bat in spot left open. This does not have to be the ninth spot.

To leave a player out of the lineup, but available for play, set his spot to bench. The position listed in this case does not matter as bench players will use the defensive replacement hierarchies. To rest a player for that game, set the player's Order to Rest and he will not play under any circumstance.

To help with position assignments, the player's natural position is always noted with an *. All outfielders are considered capable of playing any outfield position. However, it is more valuable to have the best OF in centerfield as that player will get the most opportunities. Defensive ability in the sim uses the fielding percentage and relative range factor values illustrated on the player profile. Fielding and Range grades are a representation of these values. Anyone who appeared in at least one game at a position is rated at that position and noted with a ^. Playing a player at a position where he never appeared will hurt the player's inputs. There is a flat out of position penalty and then another penalty based on the direction he moves on the defensive spectrum (SS – 2B – CF – 3B – LF – RF – 1B – DH). Only catchers should play catcher as there is a strong penalty there as well.

At any time in the lineup construction process, users may toggle between real-life and SLB stats.